CryoAction Launches Gamechanging Electrically Cooled Whole Body Cryotherapy Chambers

CryoAction electric cryotherapy chamber

CryoAction whole body cryotherapy chamber is now available in electric and nitrogen

Electric cryochamber

CryoAction CryoSolo Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber

Electric cryochamber in use

Electric cryochamber in use

CryoAction announces the world’s most extensive range of its exciting & revolutionary electric cryochambers with temperatures reaching as low as – 140°C

The introduction of our electric chambers breaks down barriers, meaning cryotherapy can be more accessible to a wider audience across the wellness, fitness, leisure, sports sectors like never before.”

— Ian Saunders CEO of CryoAction

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 6, 2021 / — CryoAction has become the world’s first leading manufacturer to offer clients a comprehensive range of diverse sizes and formats of whole body cryochambers, ranging from 1 up to 8 persons, static to mobile, giving their client the choice of either electric or nitrogen cooled cryotherapy rooms.

The technological breakthrough enabling CryoAction to offer the electric cryochamber comes after many months of research and innovation by their team of expert engineers. The cooling system provides new advancements in the way whole body cryotherapy is applied, technology that has the potential to have a major impact on the industry.

Those looking to invest in whole body cryotherapy will be happy to hear that CryoAction’s electrical unit is super-efficient, with extremely low running costs. The units are very easy to use, can be kept running for up to 10 hours per day with automatic scheduling of cooldown and regeneration cycles. The cryochamber has rapid cool down times and both temperatures and durations can be varied to offer users a personalised cryotherapy session to meet their needs.

The aesthetics of the electrical are exactly the same as the hybrid nitrogen-cooled chambers, meaning CryoAction has not had to compromise on quality, design, and finish, ensuring that all chambers are of the same luxurious and premium standard for which the company is renowned.

The electrical cooling system is available now in the CryoSolo, with the CryoDuo and Transportable options launching in October. The electric chambers are available from launch with installations already scheduled for Q4 2021 and pre-orders being taken for 2022 installations.

CryoAction will make their chambers available through their own sales team as well as through their network of premium global distributors in over 33 countries who have partnered with the company.

Ian Saunders, CEO of CryoAction said ‘We are ecstatic to be able to share with the market this massive step in technological advancement within the cryotherapy industry. Unlike other electrically cooled cryochambers on the market, ours does not rely upon the intensive use of fans to direct cooled air onto the user. We have no need to simulate session temperatures in our units, the temperatures are real as is the efficacy of the cryotherapy session for the user.

The introduction of our electric chambers breaks down barriers, meaning cryotherapy can be more accessible to a wider audience across the wellness, fitness, leisure, sports sectors like never before.

Our ability to offer our clients the choice between nitrogen or electric chambers is very important to us. We’re well aware that cooling via electrical refrigeration and nitrogen offers similar results at different price points and clients need to be able to make an informed choice for themselves based on their business needs and personal preferences. We’re delighted to be the first leading whole body cryotherapy provider offering a choice of cryochambers in a comprehensive range of sizes and formats.’

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