Consulting Firm Partners with to Publish Thought Leadership on RevGen Growth Strategy called “Roadmap to AI™

“Endgame Blueprints, LLC, a Management Consulting Firm has entered into an agreement with, to distribute Roadmap to AI in their online marketplace

Roadmap to AI is an advanced strategy for sales organizations operating in complex environments that when executed will produce exceptional revenue growth and competitor advantage.”

— Howard Highsmith

LAUREL PARK, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2021 / — Howard Highsmith, CMC Emeritus, and Managing Principal of Endgame Blueprints, LLC announces the release of a two-volume set entitled: Roadmap to AI™. These books are optionally being supported through a menu of executive management consulting services.

VOLUME I, REVGEN (114 pages) includes a revenue growth strategy with related papers like Human Capital, Methods, and Tools re: growth, MindMaps, and Disciplines.

VOLUME II, ANALYTICS (30 pages) employs “What If Modeling” (aka: WIM) that is founded on quality data ( to create a decision support system in making better decisions about future revenue growth.

“Complexity has become the universal outcome of ‘change,’ especially in high-end sales organizations,” Highsmith stated. “Attaining a Best-in-Class distinction over Industry Average and Laggard firms is quickly becoming a necessity as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes dominant,” he added.
“Roadmap to AI is an aggressive revenue generation strategy designed specifically for emerging firms that are committed to controlling their markets through a revenue generation strategy. Firms operating in this space are basing their sales approach on best practices utilizing the power of quality data ( analytics to drive growth,” Highsmith stated.

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