Confines of the Mind

on who is to say, which is true amongst the stars and time itself, and other doubts and
conflicts that a person usually thinks or asks.

To take us at into hell, or into that of enlightenment. We all seek truth and knowledge of the past and future”

— Philip Duda

PITTSBURG, CA, USA, October 19, 2021 / — Sharing a profound collection of poems that are a conglomeration of a thought process on the inner conflict of good versus evil, Philip Duda’s CONFINES OF THE MIND will intrigue and make a person question their beliefs and ideas upon all celestial plains. Digging through the deepest confines of the mind, this book stirs one’s beliefs and thoughts of life and death, love and hate, life and loss, and surviving.

One may conclude that travesty and joy are within each of us, to take us into hell or into that of enlightenment. It is no secret nor it is taboo to seek truth and knowledge of both the past and the future, on who is to say, which is true amongst the stars and time itself, and other doubts and conflicts that a person usually thinks or asks. There is all but one truth, this is the ultimate goal of enlightenment. Engaging within the good and evil, intellect, and subversion of all that one sees, hears, and does to one’s self and others. This is a collection of poems that dares one to question our innermost expectations as we are but in a time where dimensions move and flow, like an unfettered ocean in time and within our dreams.

Though it sounds poignant, this highlights how one crosses all aspects of time and space, good and bad, life and death to find the truth beyond our own limitations. Answer relevant questions and challenge one to find and discover the unknown and leap within our own minds and change or destroy for good or evil because we are after all, being mortals. To those yet to be born, enter such a poetry book, for you are now alone to uncover the conflict and see the hope of those unborn and unknown.

Philip Duda is a complex and versatile author and individual that is obviously multifaceted in poetry, inventions, and lapidary. Aside from bagging numerous awards in poetry and inventions under his belt, Duda is also an artist, prospector, and adventurer amongst many other under-takings in life.

Written by: Philip Duda
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