College Students Want and Need Mental Health and Well-Being Competencies – Can Colleges Deliver?

If you are serious about more fully understanding yourself—to infuse meaning into life, improve your health and well-being, become more mindful of your everyday experiences, and create a better world—you will benefit greatly from this evidence-based work.

Purpose and Possibilities: How to Transform Your Life is a book for our time!

A new research-based guidebook teaches students 40 critical competencies for mental health and flourishing in life

STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2021 / — Today’s college students want to live a happy, healthy and flourishing life. They want resources that guide them to understand their own emotions, to know if they are happy and what makes them happy. They want to know how to assess their own health and well-being: physical, psychological and spiritual. Finally, they want to know what flourishing looks and feels like and how to dream their own dreams for their lives both personally and professionally.

However, colleges are not doing enough to impart these mental health, well-being and self-knowledge competencies.

Purpose and Possibilities: How to Transform Your Life, a new guidebook based on positive psychology research, teaches students these essential competencies and personalizes each student’s connection to them. Through reflective exercises, the guidebook helps students learn over 40 well-being and self-knowledge competencies, while developing a purpose and direction for their futures.

Author Elaine Brzycki said, “Purpose and Possibilities is especially effective in first-year programming, freshman orientation seminars, academic advising sessions and college reads programs. The guidebook helps students gain self-knowledge in order to establish a healthy and purposeful direction for their entire college experience and beyond.”

Coauthor Dr. Henry Brzycki explained, “Generation Z students want to gain competencies that are relevant to them, their future successes and their ability to live flourishing lives. They want to learn what mental health and well-being look like and how to achieve and maintain high levels of well-being in school and life.”

Colleges and universities need to incorporate these mental health and well-being competencies throughout both co-curricular and curricular activities. A 2021 report by Boston University showed that this past year 70 percent of professors said they want to better understand student mental-health issues and would welcome training. In addition, 61 percent of those surveyed said basic training on how to respond to students undergoing a mental-health crisis should be mandatory for all faculty members.

Further, studies on student success, such as one at Harvard University, find that 75% of student success in life is due to non-cognitive factors such as: motivation, self-awareness, emotional intelligence and passion for pursuing an area of interest.

Competency-based learning is the future. Yet colleges and universities still operate from the old mindset that seat-time in the classroom equates to learning. Credit hours do not teach or measure the mental health and well-being competencies that students are demanding.

Elaine J. Brzycki, Ed.M., and Henry G. Brzycki, Ph.D., have generated a body of work to impact the human condition and make the world a better place. Exploring their life purpose for 40 years, they have helped people create happy, healthy and flourishing lives. They have authored three bestselling books, numerous articles, and personal and professional development workshops. Utilized in over 50 countries, their work has led to a new worldwide consciousness about the importance of self-understanding and placing mental health and well-being at the center of a good and successful life. The Brzycki Group and The Center for the Self in School has pioneered and created the field of producing mental health and well-being outcomes from colleges and K-12 schooling.

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