Coach Rachael Lerebours to be Featured on Close Up Radio

ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2021 / — We often rely on our early work and life experiences to form our ideas of how far we can go and what we can achieve. If we’re fortunate, we meet people who can expand the lens through which we view ourselves and help us to not only look at ourselves differently, but to look at the world differently. Conversely, as our personal lens widens, we invite others to widen the lens through which they view us.

Rachael Lerebours is an executive coach but would be more accurately described as an “understanding your potential coach.”

“Our confidence and our potential are intertwined,” says Rachael. “We have to recognize the value that we’re bringing to unlock our potential.”

Rachael got into coaching to be a better leader herself and unlock the power of teams that she managed.

“I felt that I had a gap in my leadership skills,” recalls Rachael. “I wanted to help improve my own teams by modeling stronger leadership skills. I was fortunate to work with people who saw potential in me that I didn’t see in myself.”

As a coach, Rachael works with high potential talent taking on new levels of responsibility that organizations want to retain, including Fortune 100 companies. She says it is not about growing from a competitive perspective, but from a contributive perspective.

“As a leader, I try to help my teams understand that it’s not so much about the title of your job,” says Rachael. “It’s really more about going home every day, feeling that you’ve made a contribution and that you learned something or grew somehow.”

No matter what our role is, there’s opportunity to continue to grow and unlock the potential. And it might not be potential that leads to a big job, but it could lead to a greater understanding of who we are, improve our interactions with others, or discover our passion and purpose.

“The one thing most of us are really asking for is the opportunity to be challenged and to grow, to reach another level of potential, to have interesting things to do,” says Rachael. “Success is whether you feel that you are constantly pushing your potential and feeling good about the contribution you’re making and what you’re learning. I am most proud of all the people that I have helped over the span of my career to unlock their potential and find purpose and meaning in their careers.”

Close Up Radio will feature Rachael Lerebours in an interview with Jim Masters on June 7th at 12pm EDT

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