Launch Tech Holdings is now offering a rare opportunity for the public to invest in a holding firm developing three renewable energy focused subsidiaries

PASADENA, CA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — Holding Firm, Launch Tech Holdings Corporation, has announced today that it is raising funds via equity crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder to establish the development of three unique renewable energy focused subsidiaries. The company has set out to raise $1,000,000 to finish prep for their subsidiaries which include, Renewable Energy Farms, Renewable Energy Focused Manufacturing and Renewable Energy Space Launch Systems.

Launch Tech Holdings has seen the current old methods of development in multiple sectors and agrees that the future of these industries are climate focused and renewable. As Launch Tech Holdings continues to develop innovative renewable energy solutions and expand renewable manufacturing capabilities, its primary focus is to provide low-cost, low environmental impact space delivery systems for high frequency, low weight payloads. LTH will be utilizing renewably sourced Electromagnetic Launch (EML) technology providing a lower cost for a higher quantity of launches to support communications, microgravity research, zero G manufacturing, extraterrestrial mining, the space tourism industry, space re-supply missions, future colonization of space and other business needs of the space industry.

Co-Founder and CEO Christopher Romani explains, “The current ecosystems surrounding the energy, manufacturing and space industries are quickly transforming from old methods to new, climate focused methods. The transfer of whole industries to renewably sourced foundations is quickly approaching with Launch Tech Holdings’ internal platforms ensuring that this bright future is here to stay.”

The demand for zero G manufacturing, mining and the colonization of our Moon, Mars and other locations has grown. In the coming decade, there will be an increased urgency to lead the “Space Race” for lunar, planetary and orbital control, as well as the potential for space defense and satellite appropriation. The industry needs options for frequent, fast deployment of life sustaining resources to space that are economically feasible, environmentally safe, with a focus on low-weight delivery.

“As we continue to grow our terrestrial renewable infrastructure capabilities through the LTH Manufacturing and Renewable Farm subsidiaries, our plans for multiple launches a day through renewably sourced, EML systems, has Launch Tech Holdings Corporation thinking ahead, always developing new foundations for the future,” Romani continued.

Rick French, a Launch Tech Holdings crowdfund investor says, “I work in the Aerospace Industry and I’m familiar with the demands and markets of Space requirements… [LTH team] is passionate and motivated to accomplish great things going forward that are truly required and needed for space exploration and development.”

The opportunity to invest in a parent company through crowdfunding is usually rare as purchasing shares in the parent company also provides you with the benefit of their growing subsidiaries.

Launch Tech Holdings has provided three, highly profitable subsidiary options for one single purchase of preferred stock through crowdfunding. This shows that their confidence in the public to know what is needed for their own future is very important to them.

The Launch Tech Holdings WeFunder campaign begins September 16th, 2021, with preferred shares being offered for a minimum of just $100.

For more information visit Launch Tech Holdings on WeFunder at or find their website at .

Launch Tech Holdings Corporation is providing the expansion of renewable energy technologies that will protect the environment, reduce the carbon footprint, employ an essential workforce, and bring renewable manufacturing capabilities back to the United States of America.

Launch Tech Holdings Corporation has meticulously laid a wide foundation to allow for continuous scalability in multiple sectors, supporting the growth of LTH for generations to come. Launch Tech Holdings is a bright future focused organization ready to lead in innovation for the benefit of all humanity.

Christopher Romani
Launch Tech Holdings Corporation

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