Church of Scientology of Sacramento Highlights Multi-Faith Humanitarian Work for World Humanitarian Day

Stay Well Booklets handed out to Pastor’s Sophia Clark and Jerome McGee

Pastor Jerome McGee Speaking

Pastor Sophia Clark Speaking

Scientology church in Sacramento hosts local event to highlight the value of local churches work in the community to better conditions in our world.

Religion is the first sense of community. Your sense of community occurs by reason of mutual experience with others.”

— L Ron Hubbard

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2021 / — The Church of Scientology of Sacramento hosted a local fellowship event with other religious leaders coming to speak about their humanitarian work focused on out-reach and the help they bring to better conditions in our world.

Keynote Speakers came from the Greater Solomon Temple of Sacramento with Pastor Sophia Clark and from the Jubilee Training Center with Pastor Jerome McGee in addition to the Church of Scientology Public Affairs Director.

All had met related to the Church of Scientology’s Volunteer Minister’s “Stay Well” Program and out-reach to help other churches sanitize their premises. Thus helping them to re-open their doors to the public safely with their sanitization procedures — which is a very detailed approach using the highest level of non-toxic decontaminate – known as Decon-7 (Decontamination Level 7).

We do this because of the important work these churches do in their community and the difference they make in people’s lives. Religion has long emphasized values that bring people and families together and focus on bettering their relationships, neighborhoods and communities stated the local Scientology Public Affairs Director from Sacramento.

Pastor Sophia Clark spoke of the Greater Solomon Temple’s Out-Reach efforts to help in the community. Her message was centered around love and differentiating what this means in terms of a marriage partner in romantic love, family and brotherly love and the love of god known as “Agape” which involves faithfulness, commitment, and an act of the will. It is distinguished from the other types of love by its lofty moral nature and strong character. Love is something that can bring us all together and this is what we bring when we feed the homeless and reach out to families in need said Pastor Clark.

Pastor Jerome McGee focused on his work internationally in such far away places as Africa and Central America. He again focused on out-reach – even in very remote places and teaching other ministry how to develop and build a ministry in these areas with very little means. Growing the ranks of their ministry to again reach out and help our fellow man is what Pastor McGee emphasized. “You do not need material possessions to instill faith and love” said Pastor McGee.

The Volunteer Minister program was inspired by L Ron Hubbard’s article entitled Religious Influence in Society where he wrote: “Religion is the first sense of community. Your sense of community occurs by reason of mutual experience with others. Where the religious sense of community and with it real trust and integrity can be destroyed than that society is like a sandcastle unable to defend itself against the inexorable sea.”

All attendees and guests were given the “Stay Well” Booklets put out by the Church of Scientology’s volunteer Minister Program as a public service.
For further information about the local churches you can reach them on line here;

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