Christian Book Reveals “How Blessed You Are In God’s Promises”

How Blessed You Are In God's Promises

How Blessed You Are In God’s Promises

Barney Sol Reese

Barney Sol Reese

Barney Reese provides spiritual succor for readers battling depression

MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES, September 8, 2021 / — In trying times, there are still silver linings and reasons to rejoice, as author Barney Reese shows in his inspirational Christian book. With the nuggets of wisdom and faith in “How Blessed You Are in God’s Promises,” readers who feel low, who are on the verge of being overwhelmed by life, will have a much needed infusion of motivation that will help them meet life’s challenges head on.

Reese’s self-help book is for those who feel lonely and depressed, those with suicidal thoughts or who have experienced loss. With “How Blessed You Are in God’s Promises,” Reese offers them answers to their questions about life, such as who they are, what they can do, their path in existence. A Christian book, Reese’s answer is God and the promises contained within the Bible. Reese shows his readers that they are God’s children, he delivers the word of his Lord, drawing from his own faith and his experience going through great hardships in life. He underwent what he describes a trance state and wrote the content of this book in a period of around two weeks, channeling his faith, the lessons of the Bible and the teachings of his own pastor. In the pages of Reese’s opus are distilled messages of divine inspiration from someone who has also been through life’s lows, who in the darkest times found a light that saved him, which he now shares to his readers.

“If you are reading this book, I wrote it at my lowest point in life and all the examples,” Reese says. “I never knew what the final result was going to be, but I believed that if I could overcome this so could anybody going through depression, suicidal thoughts, or losing a loved one. This is your way out and I wanted the world to be able to have it.”

About the Author
A devout believer, Barney Sol Reese was born in 1971. He has been interviewed by Goto Publish, Hollywood Book Reviews, The Moving Words Reviews by Mike Ramos. He served in the military, maintaining United States Air Force F-16s and later on worked as an aircraft servicer at US Navy bases. He operates an auto business, practiced several martial arts including Taekwondo, Kyokushin Karate, Judo, Hanmudo, and Kook Sul Won, and currently resides in Meridian, Mississippi.

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