Chicago Not Dogs Opened July 16th to Much Fanfare in the North Park district of San Diego ~ 4332 30th Street, CA 92104

Chicago Not Dogs, a local vegan institution, has transitioned to the San Diego Restaurant Scene by Serving Iconic Windy City Foods, with a San Diego twist.

The energy in the restaurant and market has been incredible. People love the open-air dining room that flows to the sidewalk and both vegans and Chicagoans alike are excited about our offerings.””

— Brian Gervase

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2021 / — Chicago Not Dogs, today announced that it has completed the opening of their first brick and mortar version of the iconic San Diego Chicago Not Dogs classic. With the grand opening of Chicago Not Dogs, Chicago natives, Brian, and Sue Gervase, recently finished their transition from a local vegan institution to part of the local San Diego restaurant scene. Brian and Sue brought their favorite and most iconic Windy City Foods to Surf City USA, with a San Diego twist.

Though San Diego has several vegetarian and vegan restaurants, Chicago Not Dogs is one of the first to bring a regional flair to the concept. They have been part of the San Diego business community for a number of years and look forward to enhancing their local footprint including additional locations and the hiring of local staff. Company owner and founder Brian Gervase notes “The energy in the restaurant and market has been incredible the first two weeks. People seem to like the open-air dining room that flows out to the sidewalk. It’s great to see both vegans and Chicagoans get excited about our offerings.”

Of note, and unique to the area, is that this is not only a restaurant, but an entirely new concept ~ to become a North Park community hub. Sue Gervase, co-owner and co-founder, added a unique twist to the local North Park business environment with The VRG, located withing Chicago Not Dogs. Notes Sue, “The VRG (Vegan Regional Goods) was inspired by and created for the many local San Diegans we have met in farmer’s markets and other events. Our audacious goal is for this space to be the central hub for vegans in the San Diego area. Part market and part web-store, this space is a collective effort to showcase what we have here in San Diego and allow people an opportunity to take fresh, fun, vegan food home with them”

“Chicago Not Dogs” and “The VRG” are registered trademarks of Chicago Not Dogs and its respective owners.

For more information on Chicago Not Dogs contact:

Brian Gervase ~ 815.791.9379
4332 30th street, san diego, ca 92104

Media Contact:
William Stone
m: 301.957.8642

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