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Chester City Centre

Chester City Centre partners Sally Kelly, Derek Booth and Diane Jefford

Partners Sally, Derek and Diane

Diane Jefford, took the most logical step to make this a reality by inviting her online digital marketing consultants into the business as partners.

I have never had external consultants work in such an integrated and effective way with both myself and the business and in truth they have always been so invested”

— Diane Jefford

CHESTER, CHESHIRE, UK, August 6, 2021 / — The journey began all the way back in 2002 when the perfect Chester domain was purchased and developed to help enable those early adopters of the internet to experience Chester in the best way possible (back when unbelievably only 9.1% of the world were active online!).

It seems obvious that an online experience website needs digital marketing professionals at the top of their game at the very heart of business and earlier in the year, the owner of, Diane Jefford, took the most logical step to make this a reality by inviting her online consultants into the business as partners.

Diane explained “Sally and Derek have both been working with me for a few years now and the transition to partner was just the best way forward. I have never had external consultants work in such an integrated and effective way with both myself and the business and in truth they have always been so invested, operating as though we were partners already. They have both helped shape and improve the business tremendously in the time we’ve been working together and now we’ve made our partnership official we’re in a phenomenal position to really ramp up the speed with which we can implement our roadmap of continuous improvement to ensure we offer the best experience site in Chester for both our audience and our clients.”

Sally Kelly is an experienced digital marketing and business consultant who specialises in user and client experience and is, to the point of obsessive, all about ensuring websites and businesses deliver on their promises. In 2017, when Diane was at a point, she really felt she needed that specialist help to really take to the next level, Sally was happily introduced to Diane through a personal recommendation and the rest, as they say, is history.

Sally quickly recognised the need for specialist SEO work as an integral part of the strategy to make sure can always deliver the right results in the search engines in answer to the huge variety of questions visitors and locals pose online about experiencing the city which is how Derek joined the team.

Derek Booth is very well known and respected both in the UK and internationally in the world of SEO and digital marketing and incredibly good at what he does. With Derek’s obvious SEO prowess and local Chester knowledge it was clear from the first conversation he was the right man for the job and once Derek was on board it wasn’t long before the complement of his and Sally’s skill sets coupled with their integrity and passion for performance became an absolute winning combination to support Diane in her endeavours to significantly enhance and improve’s offering.

The past few years have been spent building the foundations and all the team’s hard work is now massively coming to fruition. The results from the important groundwork, infrastructure, and processes, implemented with great care and thought for the end users experience when visitors are looking for what’s on, things to do and all the places to eat, drink and stay in the city, is self-evident when you use the site and is only the tip of the iceberg regarding what’s coming in the pipeline.

Heading up the operation for almost 20 years Diane has steered the company through plenty of ups and downs but has always firmly believed the site could deliver the best user experience and a truly fantastic and proven ROI for its clients. This is now a very clear reality, something she takes great pride in and with her two highly invested and ambitious partners firmly by her side Diane is incredibly excited about where can go from here.

With the new team at the helm’s traffic has risen exponentially even during the pandemic and their exposure in the search results cannot be denied. They hit the first page of the search results for more and more terms every week in line with their SEO strategy, which sets out to not only answer all questions about experiencing Chester in the best way possible but feed their clients with an audience that is looking specifically for what they offer. This synergy is massively increasing the speed at which users to can find exactly what they are looking for and importantly bookings, ticket sales and bums on seats for Chester’s attractions and hospitality businesses!

Diane, Derek, and Sally say they feel they are very blessed to naturally have the same ethos and way of working and despite all the long hours and work involved they are massively enjoying their collaboration and are very much of the same mindset regarding the direction they are taking the business.

“’s visitor numbers and conversion rates for our clients are hitting record levels and rising, but we are definitely not resting on our laurels! We fully understand that every improvement to increases both the traffic and engagement of the site which feeds everybody involved. What’s most rewarding is that simply in our endeavour to improve our business and provide a better service, we are constantly adding extra value and ways for our audience to find their favourite experiences in the city which ultimately increases our clients’ direct return and feeds the economy of Chester as a whole. We firmly believe we are all stronger together and we’re very happy to be able to use our skills and our site to support the city in delighting all of its visitors and simply go from strength to strength!”

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