Celebrity Dog Trainer Ryan Matthews Develops Revolutionary Way to Communicate with Dogs

One of the nation’s top celebrity dog trainers has unveiled a breakthrough way to communicate with dogs.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Representatives with Celebrity Dog Trainer and Combat Veteran Ryan Matthews announced today that he has developed a revolutionary way to communicate with dogs.

“There are multiple ways to train a dog, and the result can be achieved in more than one approach,” said Matthews, founder, CEO, and spokesperson for World of Dog Training.

Matthews explained that within the field of dog training, there are a few schools of thought on the best way to train dogs.

“Regardless of how a person chooses to train, there is something that is rarely talked about, and at times it can be the secret missing link to radically transform the life of a dog,” Matthews said. “Talking less and slowing down is the simplest action that one can take; however, pet parents usually get in their own way until they discover what I like to call dancing with your dog.”

Matthews’ revolutionary way to communicate with dogs – talking less and slowing down – is also backed by scientific research and a recent study released by the University of Arizona School of Anthropology and College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. The study concluded that dogs are wired to communicate with people. However, dog owners must discover the best way to communicate with their dog(s).

“It is common that people will try to get what they want from their dog through excessive talking, lavish praise, a metric ton of treats, all of that is great and, at times, called for,” Matthews said. “However, what would one’s relationship with their dog be like if they talked less and started slowing down? I’m talking about being present, not distracted, focused, and taking all your dog’s body language, mannerisms, and telepathic signals you can be conveying. You have nothing to lose but taking your relationship with your dog to the next level.”

Matthews went on to point out that it is true you can send commands and thoughts to your dog without ever saying a word.

“To do so, slow down, be quiet and with your mind visualize and send the message/command you want your dog to do without talking,” Matthews said before adding, “Once you receive the validation and the dog does it, you may get the chills and feel a bit spooked out, but eventually it can be your new daily norm.”

Matthews noted that, for example, when he is working with a client’s dog in his private dog training practice, he often visualizes in his mind what he wants the dog to do before he gives the command.

“For example, if I want a dog to “sit,” I will think it in my mind, visualize the dog doing it, look at their back end and see it moving towards the ground, then I add a slight lean forward of my body language towards the dog and then most of the time the magic will happen,” Matthews revealed. “I want to empower the everyday pet parent to be able to do the same. It’s really not that difficult, and the cool part is that once you do it a few times, it gets easy with repetition.”

In addition to developing a revolutionary way to communicate with dogs, earlier this year, Matthews changed his mission from protecting world leaders to keeping the world safe with his upcoming COVID-19 detection dogs program.

“I’m leveraging the same skills I learned to train elite Army dogs,” Matthews said. He graduated from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX, in 2002, becoming a certified Military Working Dog Handler.

Matthews, also a former combat K-9 handler – an alumnus of the Wounded Warrior Project and a volunteer for the Youth Motivational Speaker Taskforce and The Mission Continues, explained that anyone interested in his services can schedule a call today.

For more information about Ryan Matthews, please visit http://ryanmatthews.com/ and https://www.worldofdogtraining.com/about-us/.


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