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Owl’s Storeroom Soy Sauce For Kids


Father’s Hill Whole Grain Syrup

Kim’C Market’s Lunar New Year sale to offer Korean New Year treats at discounted prices.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, February 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lunar New Year marks the time of new beginnings and celebrating with our loved ones. It is a popular and most awaited celebration in Southeast and East Asia. Lunar New Year is mostly associated with Spring Celebration or the Chinese New Year. The Korean Lunar New Year 2021 falls on February 12th this year.

The Korean Lunar New Year celebration is also known as Seollal (설날), is a three-day celebration consisting of near and distant relatives coming back to the hometown. This celebration honors the eldest member of the family. The Lunar New Year celebration among Koreans consists of a ritual called Sebae, where the young members of the family receive gifts like fresh fruit baskets, hanwoo, ginseng, and other Korean New Year treats.

The day starts with a morning ritual called Charye (차례), a custom including thanking and remembering ancestors. It also involves preparing traditional Korean food like rice, meat, soup, vegetables, and fruits. These dishes vary according to different regions around Korea. However, one popular delicacy is the Korean rice cake soup called tteokguk. Tteokguk is a delicacy enjoyed by all members of the Korean household, particularly children. This Korean Lunar New Year food placement is according to the ancient Korean guidebook explaining the charye ritual. In the charye ceremony, the family members later enjoy the food.

To celebrate the Korean Lunar New Year 2021, Kim’C Market is all set to offer premium ranges of authentic Korean food. The online grocery company will offer three prime categories of Korean lunar new year food at exciting prices:

Savory & nutty dipping sauces
Savory & tangy dipping sauces

Kim’C Market’s savory & nutty dipping sauce range offers:

Owl’s Storeroom Soy Sauce for Kids 부엉이곳간 어린이 간장

Owl’s Storeroom no sugar and no preservative soy sauce consists of 30 naturally selected ingredients. The sauce is most suitable when preparing meals for children as it consists of fruit juices, dried fish, vegetables, and minimum salt content.

Chung-O Roasted Sprouted Sesame Seeds 청오 발아볶음참깨

These organic, roasted, and sprouted sesame seeds offer a savory nutty taste with high nutritional benefits. Sourced organically from Korea, these seeds are a rich protein source and have cancer-resistant properties.

Trunas One Tablet Cheongyang Chili Pepper 트루나스 청양고추한알

Made from the hottest Korean chili pepper (청양고추), Trunas Cheongyang Chili Pepper is available in the form of tablets. This coin-shaped spice is the perfect solution for keeping Korean chili at home.

Father’s Hill Whole Grain Syrup 아빠랑 오곡곡물당

This grain syrup is a top-quality Korean sugar substitute with ingredients like organic rice, brown rice, black beans, glutinous rice, and barley. This syrup is also nutritious and a farm-to-bottle organic sweetener.

The Savory & tangy dipping sauce range by Kim’C will offer:

Jeju Hallabong Vinegar, Green Tangerine Vinegar, Tangerine Balsamic 제주자연초 한라봉초, 청귤초, 귤사믹

This series of vinegar consists of three fruit vinegar Hallabong, Green Tangerine, and Tangerine Balsamic. The preparation of these naturally sourced kinds of vinegar involves fruits and honey sourced from the famous Jeju Island.

Mrs Malaenge Dried Pepper 말랭이여사 고추 말랭이 시리즈

This dried pepper combo consists of Cheongyang chili pepper and red chili peppers. These finely sliced peppers and are collected during their peak season.

To make the Lunar New Year celebrations epic, the company is also offering an exclusive discount on sweet treats:

Persimmon Honey Cookie Yakgwa 상주곶감약과

Persimmon Honey Cookie, Yakgwa offers a twist to the traditional yakgwa. This sweet delicacy is a combination of persimmon and yakgwa offered by the producer Myeong Sil Dang.

Kim’C Market’s Winter Must Eat Items:

Kim’C Market’s Lunar New Year Sale also offers Korean foods like Chung-O extra virgin sprouted sesame oil, Owl’s Storeroom syrups, Nongae Gongju chestnuts, Grand noodles, and Sumidam Chamoe Jocheong Yugwa.

What more? These authentic Korean treats accompany doorstep delivery options and exciting prices. View their entire range of products by visiting www.kimcmarket.com.

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