Career Coach Bryce Batts Supporting High-Achieving Women to Banish Burnout and Regain Purpose

Bryce has been hailed as the go-to resource for ambitious women, particularly in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry.

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / — Popular career coach, Bryce Batts, is announcing her recent pivot to support high-achieving women in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction industry (AEC) to banish burnout and realize their true sense of purpose.

Bryce Batts is a career coach based in Raleigh, North Carolina. As the first person in her family to hold a bachelor’s degree and MBA, Batts has been a successful recruiter in the AEC industry for over 12 years. Throughout her education and career journey, Batts also became certified as a Career Coach – having worked with numerous individuals, firms, and organizations who value prosperity and wellbeing.

Recently, as a result of her extensive work in the AEC industry, Batts has made the pivot to specifically support high-achieving women in these areas to excel at their ambitious careers, while successfully raising their families and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. This move came as a result of Batts’ experience in the AEC industry and seeing her female colleagues battle chronic stress and burnout.

“There is so much pressure on women to be the best at all they do in life, including their work and home life,” says Batts. “Female AEC professionals in particular often push themselves really hard to reach impossible goals. They want to stand out from the crowd, meet all deadlines, clean the house, run kids to soccer practice, cook dinner – the list goes on. This isn’t easy, though, and soccer games are missed, dinner dates are cancelled, and they are left feeling alienated. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case and I’m here to help see them fulfilled, living into their God-given gifts, and loving their career and life.”

To support ambitious women in the AEC industry to gain confidence, clarity, and develop a positive strategy, Batts offers a variety of career coaching services, including:

• 1:1 coaching
• Group coaching
• Job search help
• And more!

“No matter what your goals are, or even if you aren’t able to identify exactly what you want from life, I’m here to help,” Batts states. “I welcome you to contact me to discuss how we can weave basic and manageable steps into your daily life to become happier, healthier, and more prosperous.”

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About Bryce Batts

Bryce Batts’ mission is to provide personalized support to women in the AEC industry to develop a strategy, coaching, and support solution that suits their individual and unique needs.

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