Can You Hear the Trees Singing?

Katie and The Troll Queen

“Katie and The Troll Queen”

A story about a singing contest between a girl and a troll

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 10, 2021 / — The forest is a location where many great and fantastic stories are set. It can be painted as a place that is dark and mysterious, or one full of life and love. In both cases, stories involving the forest often include creatures, real-life and mythical, playing crucial parts in the tales. And one such popular mythical creature often associated with forests is the troll. But while many stories depict trolls as scary, frightening beasts, the story of author Randi McKinnon, “Katie and the Troll Queen,” paints trolls in a different, childish light that everyone can enjoy.

A retired chef and baker who worked in the food industry for four decades, Randi McKinnon turned to writing after taking off her chef’s hat and retiring. Doing nothing was not in her blood, which is what prompted her to take to writing like a duck to water. This passion for the pen started when, after communicating with some of her friends, she realized that doing so put joy in her heart and a smile on her face. Randi took her new pursuit seriously and attended a correspondence course for writing kids’ books and that kicked off a new phase in her career and her life.

The story is about Katie, a young child full of hope and life, who enters a forest to find berries. Soon after, Katie meets the Troll Queen, who instead of attacking and scaring the child, challenges her to a singing contest. This leads to a fun and lovable story, one that seems to be simple at the start only to grow into a complex and deep tale that will certainly tug at the heartstrings and tickle the funny bones of readers, young and old, from beginning to end.

Buy your copy now and enjoy this one-of-a-kind fantasy tale with your kids or grandkids!

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