California Modulars Expands to San Diego: Builds Modular ADU Homes to Solve UCSD Student Housing Problem

As University of California San Diego students and parents worry about the lack of on-campus housing, California Modulars steps up to help resolve the issue.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 10, 2021 / — Leading Northern California ADU manufacturer California Modulars is pleased to announce that it is expanding its services to Southern California cities, particularly San Diego, in order to help alleviate the current housing crisis affecting university students. Based in Silicon Valley, the company is on a mission to be the most innovative ADU builder in the business, while boasting a longstanding reputation for building quality, affordable and customizable prefab modular homes.

“As a company that is constantly seeking innovation and ways to better people’s lives, we are happy to offer our services to UC San Diego students,” says California Modulars CEO Roy Krautstrunk. “Our modular homes are incredibly affordable, and would provide a fast and easy solution for many.”

At the last count, well over 3,500 people were on waiting lists for housing as the UC San Diego campus grapples with increasing growth. The school has been enrolling new students at a rapid pace, but made the decision to cut back on housing due to the pandemic, creating a reduction of 2,074 beds. Students are scrambling to find affordable accommodation off-campus, not an easy task in such a high-priced area. To make matters worse, many landlords are reportedly taking advantage of the situation by hiking up their rents.

“We offer plentiful options, top quality materials, and we’re renowned for our personalized service,” adds Krautstrunk. “Our homes are incredibly sturdy and resilient, and are proven to stand the test of time. They’re the smartest solution on the market!”

California Modulars offers a turn key design build, and assist with the city or county’s building planner permitting process. For more information or to schedule a consultation, visit the website at

About the Company

Based in Silicon Valley, California, California Modulars is renowned for its quality, affordable, and customizable modular homes. Priding itself on a long legacy of experience and expertise in the housing industry, the company offers personalized service and plentiful options with innovative features to suit any lifestyle.

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