California Coffee Lover Cuts the Java Craving with ‘CAFFEINEcontrol’



One Tiny Fruit Flavored Tablet Tames the Caffeine Habit

Energy reinvented.”

— Debra Willford

MODESTO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2021 / — California-based Advance Mints LLC, announces the distribution of CAFFEINEcontrol, a low-caffeine energizing tablet. This fast-acting, sweet pineapple-flavored coffee alternative dissolves on the tongue like candy but packs a powerful punch without the unwanted side-effects of too much caffeine, like anxiety, irritability, and exhaustion.

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, on average, nearly 170 million bags of coffee are consumed annually. This year, coffee consumption has increased. “Caffeine is the last socially acceptable addiction,” said Deb Willford, owner of CAFFEINEcontrol. While 66% of coffee drinkers would agree they need to limit their caffeine intake, only a small percentage are actually able to do so. On average, caffeine dependent coffee drinkers in America consume a little over three cups of coffee per day.

CAFFEINEcontrol crams a 21 mg. micro dose of caffeine into each tablet, giving consumers rapid energy without feeling overstimulated. Scientifically formulated with Vitamin C, Zinc, L-Theanine and B Vitamins, the tablets support immune health, while providing smooth energy and focus that provides the benefits of coffee without the excessive use of caffeine. This small confection dissolves on the tongue, providing a sweet treat but offering much needed energy, 10 times faster than a cup of coffee, energy drinks, or caffeine pills. Perfect for combating afternoon sluggishness, it delivers quick and convenient energy without the fear of losing sleep later. Fast-acting and cost-effective, only 29 cents per serving, with 85 servings per pouch, CAFFEINEcontrol is a win-win solution for consumers seeking to reduce caffeine consumption, support immune health and focus, enjoy better sleep, and save money.

With over 25 years of experience with consumer-packaged goods, Deb Willford created this novel blend to cut the jittery coffee addiction and avoid caffeine withdrawal symptoms. Recognizing the need for a caffeine alternative, Deb holds an MBA from California State University, where she discovered her passion for nutrition and health. Reflecting on her journey toward producing CAFFEINEcontrol that began prior to the pandemic, “Anxiety, exhaustion, and a twitch under my left eye that lasted for three weeks, had me questioning if my entire life was off track”. Two years later, the product was released to rave reviews. You can find CAFFEINEcontrol on Amazon and all major social media platforms.

About Advance Mints LLC
Advance Mints LLC, founded by Deb Willford, was created in 2020, producing CAFFEINEcontrol tablets. Through innovation and over 25 years of industry experience and knowledge, CAFFEINEcontrol was created with a purpose-filled mission to provide an effective low caffeine energy solution that helps reduce caffeine dependence with a cost-cutting, healthy and convenient alternative to overconsuming caffeine. Visit their website to learn about their products at

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