Cabbage Patch Soap Launches New Vegan Soap Line

African Rain Soap by Cabbage Patch Soap

African Rain Soap

Lavender and Sage soap by Cabbage Patch Soap

Lavender and Sage soap

Cabbage Patch Soap

Cabbage Patch Soap

Cabbage Patch Soap makes new vegan soaps with organic oils

We make every bar on YouTube!”

— Cabbage Patch Soap

MUNCIE, INDIANA, USA, February 21, 2021 / — Cabbage Patch Soap
Handcrafted Vegan Soap

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Cabbage Patch Soap Launches New Vegan Soap Line

Cabbage Patch Soap, the supplier of quality natural vegan soaps, has recently launched a new range of luxury handmade soaps made with organic oils on their storefront. These soaps are composed of organic coconut oil, organic responsibly sourced palm oil, organic olive oil, castor oil, and other natural ingredients. These ingredients offer great cleansing properties to its users at affordable prices. There are many soap varieties to choose from namely Black Gold, Apricot Herb Garden, Black Orchid, Black Oud, Forest Blossom, Indian Musk, Sandalwood Teak, Vanilla Woods, White Tea, and more.
According to Cabbage Patch Soap spokesperson, “At Cabbage Patch Soap we’re propelled towards providing customers with completely natural solutions for their cleansing needs. Our handmade soaps will get you clean, and provide you with the peace of mind that you are supporting a small business that promises to minimize its environmental impact. Our soaps are made without harsh chemicals or detergents, and we feel they are superior to store-bought products.”

Cabbage Patch Soap prides itself in making cold process soaps that are handcrafted by top artisans. In this method oils and other ingredients are fused and poured into molds, then cut into bars before curing. The entire process takes about two months, but results in a mild, colorful bar that feels good on the skin. The soaps do not dry out the skin and contain the natural glycerin that is removed from commercially processed soaps. These soaps can be easily used in place of liquid soap, gel shampoo, or even shaving cream and are free of sulfates, preservatives, and petroleum products.
Customers have confidence in our products because they can watch every bar being made on your YouTube channel.

The natural soap bars are already proving to be popular online with one satisfied customer saying, “I gave this as a gift.. He loves it.” Another customer states, “Thank you, I love you designs,” and “I love the scent. I can’t wait to use it.”

Hit their store at and discover your new favorite way to clean today!
About Cabbage Patch Soap

Cabbage Patch Soap is a supplier of premium quality natural soap bars. Its online store caters to the needs of customers with skin problems with natural and organic luxury handcrafted soaps free of toxic chemicals. Every bar is made on video and posted to our YouTube channel. You can also find us on Instagram.

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The Making of African Rain Soap by Cabbage Patch Soap

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