Buying Property for Paso Fino Horses

Paso Finos seem to know that they have the gift of graceful motion

Paso Finos seem to know that they have the gift of graceful motion

Buying Property for Paso Fino Horses

MIAMI, FL, USA, October 18, 2021 / — Bred for their beauty, their stamina, and their naturally smooth gait, Los Caballos de Paso Fino—the horses with the fine step—arrived in the Americas 500 years ago with the conquistadors. Paso Finos seem to know that they have the gift of graceful motion, and they are eager to exhibit it almost as soon as they are born. These agile, supple, and graceful equine athletes provide the smoothest ride in the world, and they deserve accommodations matching their inherited gift.

What kind of property should you buy if you are fortunate enough to own a Paso Fino. Real estate maven and Paso Fino conservator Hernando Fernández has these recommendations:

Every Paso Fino does best in spacious accommodations. Buy at least a hectare, 2.4 acres for each horse, more for barns and viewing area. 

Budget on the basis that larger properties will require more work. There will be fences to maintain and buildings to keep up. Check roofing, plumbing, and wiring of barns and outbuildings for repairs needed before you bring your horse to his new home. Keep in mind that used bars weather the years better than empty barns, and vacant grassland attracts poisonous plants and small animal pests.

Make sure the property you buy is zoned for horses. “Environmentally protected” land usually cannot be developed for keeping a horse and building a viewing area.

Don’t buy unmaintained pasture land just because of its lush appearance. Your Paso Fino’s grazing area should be free of noxious weeds.

Consult an engineer about the risk of sinkholes, large and small.

Keep in mind that though red oaks are lovely in autumn, their leaves are poisonous for horses. It’s OK to have red oaks outside your Palo Fino’s paddock.

Make sure your Paso Fino’s enclosure is free of natural hazards. There should be no nearby waterways prone to flooding. Your horse’s new home should not be adjacent to a cliff or landfill. Natural drainage keeps the soil dry and protects the grasses growing on it.

And whenever possible, buy your property in an equestrian community. Having neighbors who appreciate your Paso Fino can make a huge difference in the enjoyment you find in owning your horse. Having neighbors who know horses helps to promote the breed.

Hernando Fernández is an expert in finding land for Paso Fino aficionados in Florida. Originally from Colombia, Mr. Fernández began his career as a real estate loan officer in 2005. Since then, Fernández has purchased hundreds of properties throughout the state of Florida, focusing specifically on vacant land. His real estate experience also includes foreclosures, short sales, tax deeds, tax liens, private lending and wholesaling. 

Hernando Fernández first discovered the disruptive power of Blockchain tech in 2016, and has since made it his mission to spread insight and information of Blockchain and its potential across social media and throughout Latin America.

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