BuyChemJapan Announces 15th Partner in Launch Of New Online Marketplace

The Osaka, Japan based B2B marketing specialist has announced the newest partner for the launch of its new online marketplace.

OSAKA CITY, OSAKA PREFECTURE, JAPAN, June 25, 2021 / — On 21st June 2021, the number of Japanese chemical manufacturers signed up to the upcoming BuyChemJapan online marketplace increased to fifteen. This marketplace, which enables international buyers to conduct clear and direct online negotiations with Japan’s leading chemical manufacturers, aims to support the digitalization of the Japanese chemical industry, and aid in the expansion of the overseas trading of Japanese chemicals. This is an ongoing project, with negotiations between service operators BuyChemJapan Corporation (CEO: Masa Oguchi) and major Japanese chemical manufacturers being held which will see the number of manufacturers on the marketplace swell prior to, and following, its launch in July 2021.

For those of you who are ready to sign up, please visit our information page and sign-up to be notified. For those who need convincing – read on.

As online communication becomes increasingly central and integral to modern business transactions – especially those conducted by the younger generations – the continuing reliance on its analogue infrastructure and traditional trading companies has seen Japanese chemical manufacturers left behind, despite their excellence in the field of chemical production. BuyChemJapan will introduce digitalization and direct communication to the chemical industry, which will not only offer international companies easier entry into Japan’s chemical market, but also improve efficiency and reduce costs.
BuyChemJapan’s marketplace is free-to-join and includes individual product pages aimed at promoting international recognition of high-quality Japanese chemicals that will help the Japanese chemical industry grow its international market share. The marketplace has been designed from the ground up to help simplify the process of introducing international buyers to leading Japanese chemical manufacturers.

Buyers can…
1. Search for the required chemical via a comprehensive set of options and definitions.
2. Make direct contact with the manufacturer with one click; there is no need to deal with intermediaries.
3. Request a sample, price quotation or make an order directly from the manufacturer.
4. Make a fully informed purchasing decision through use of a function which allows for direct comparison of chemical qualities and manufacturers costs (available soon after launch).
5. Buy with complete confidence that the product will match what they see on the page, as the marketplace is only partnered with manufacturers who produce chemicals at their own factories.

BuyChemJapan is a start-up spun off from Daishin Co., Ltd, a trading company specializing in chemicals. With a deep understanding of the needs and business practices of both domestic and foreign manufacturers and buyers within the chemical industry, BuyChemJapan can actively inform Japanese manufacturers of the needs and requirements of the international market and ensure that the needs of buyers can be fully communicated and met, whilst also introducing and promoting Japanese products and manufacturers to overseas buyers. In a marketplace shaped by the COVID-19 global pandemic, companies can no longer easily carry out traditional sales activities, so the time to fully shift to digital, online activities has come.

So, are you ready to join us on this journey to change the chemical industry? BuyChemJapan’s online platform is in the closing stages of development and is on schedule to launch in July 2021. Go to our information page NOW and sign-up to be notified the second our new page launches.


BuyChemJapan Corporation will operate the BuyChemJapan marketplace in line with its company mission and vision.
Mission: to help Japan contribute to world unity through mutual understanding between herself and the world.
Vision: a Japan which has achieved a mutual understanding with the rest of the world by increased interaction through technology.
If you are an international chemical buyer who wants to negotiate directly with Japanese chemical manufacturers rather than go through troublesome, and expensive, intermediaries, then this is the service for you! You can get more information, or get in touch with us, at any of the points of contact below

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