Business Reporter: Personalisation that goes beyond traditional content management systems

How understanding of an organisation’s digital maturity is key to improving the digital customer experience

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 30, 2021 / — In an Industry View piece published on Business Reporter, Dominik Pinter, Managing Director of Kentico Xperience explains how businesses need to go beyond legacy content management to provide their customers with seamlessdigital experiences delivered through a unified digital experience platform (DXP) that meets their growing expectations regarding service and purchase convenience, personalisation, ease of use and channel flexibility. As an ever-wider gamut of digital marketing tools is becoming part and parcel of most companies’ technology stack supporting their online presence, businesses tend to keep adding on new features to their existing content management system (CMS) and end up with a convoluted and cumbersome solution which is costly and hard to navigate.

A better approach for marketers is to set up a DXP that combines digital marketing, content management system and commerce capabilities in one unified place. It contains all the necessary tools a company needs to successfully run a website, and yet remains straightforward to use and easy to navigate. Kentico Xperience’s DXP is sector-agnostic covering a wide range of use cases in finance, manufacturing, retail, education, tourism, healthcare and beyond. Pinter, however, points out that in order to leverage the full potential of the adopted DXP, it is essential for companies to understand their digital experience maturity, a metric reflecting their level of sophistication in delivering digital experiences on their website, as well as its ability to leverage available solutions. With the help of Kentico Xperience’s concise and easy-to-understand Digital Experience Maturity Model, companies can easily estimate where they stand and address typical problems that their level is associated with by adopting the right tools and tactics.

To learn more about Kentico Xperience’s digital experience platform, read the article.

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