Business Reporter: Moulded fibre has become a viable alternative to styrofoam

How brands’ journey to sustainable protective packaging is becoming less challenging

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 1, 2021 / — In a video published on Business Reporter, Alvin Lim, CEO and Tin Zi Jie, Technical Program Manager, at RyPax talk about how revolutionary materials such as moulded fibre present brands with an excellent opportunity to meet customers’ increasing demand for green packaging.

Moulded fibre is a material made from recycled corrugated pulp, paper or fast-growing natural fibres such as bamboo and bagasse. Thanks to its excellent qualities, brands can become more eco-friendly without compromising on the aesthetics or the total costs of their packaging.

Innovation in new, sustainable materials and the concept of taxing plastic packaging gaining traction has rendered switching to green packaging a more attractive alternative.

Building on its profound knowledge of moulded fibre, packaging specialist RyPax offers to hold clients’ hands along the entire conversion journey from engineering and design to prototyping and logistics. RyPax’s integrated solutions cover not only the external protective packaging and the inlay but also the box and the – preferably digital – manual.

RyPax solutions are also supported by relevant green certifications such as FSC Standard for Chain of Custody, G7, Environmental Management System and IECQ (Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components).

For luxury brands, sustainable moulded fibre technology can be combined with smart packaging solutions to maintain brand image and boost customer engagement. By printing a QR code on moulded fibre packaging or attaching one to it, brands can inform their consumers about their sustainability efforts, as well as share recycling instructions with them.

To learn more about the new biodegrade and recyclable packaging material and its applications, watch the video.

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