Business Reporter: Context marketing’s new lease of life in the post-GDPR digital space

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 5, 2021 / — Unlocking the treasure trove of first-party data, combined with contextual advancements, will be the future for personalised targeting and powerful business outcomes.

In an article published on Business Reporter, Umberto Torrielli, Co-founder and CSO of Silverbullet explains how AI and machine learning (ML) are driving the next-generation of contextual targeting solutions, to become a much more effective proxy for third-party data that is increasingly in short supply as a result of GDPR and CCPA (Californian Consumer Privacy Act). In a digital space where data privacy is under increasing scrutiny, first-party data is experiencing a renaissance with 57.1 per cent of respondents in an IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) survey reporting that they have increased their use of first-party data over the past 18 months.

However, while context marketing in the cookie-era was predominately about the management of content that could damage the positivity or reputation of a brand by using keyword blocking, the new wave of contextual targeting solutions are capable of accurately analysing content across a variety of mediums, including video, audio and images and align with targeting signals gleaned from first-party data. According to research findings, by leveraging contextual intelligence, purchase intent can increase by as many as 63 per cent. But for marketers to achieve this feat, it’s also essential that the insights gained from various sources of data are turned into actions. Data privacy legislation has been designed with the consumers’ increased demand for the protection of their personal data in mind. But their need for customised advertising and content experiences hasn’t ceased to exist, and the application of cutting-edge AI and ML solutions combined with first-party data strategies, has the potential to deliver on all these persisting customer needs in a cookieless world.

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