“Business Model Shifts” Authors Promote Shift to Stakeholder Approach as Long-Term Stock Exchange Lands Early Supporters

Patrick van der Pijl

Business Model Shifts

Book Details Six Fundamental Shifts

Companies die because they’ve become fixated on fighting for their current business model rather than shifting to a more relevant one.”

— Patrick van der Pijl

WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Silicon Valley-led Long-Term Stock Exchange scored two early supporters last week as tech giants Twilio Inc. and Asana Inc. agreed to dual list their shares on the new exchange as well as the New York Stock Exchange. “Business Model Shifts” author and CEO of Business Models Inc. Patrick van Der Pijl was not surprised. He and his co-authors detail the need for companies to shift from a short-term shareholder focus to a long-term stakeholder focus in their new book.

“Business Model Shifts,” recently published by Wiley, details six fundamental business shifts necessary to maximize customer value creation. Written during the global pandemic, the book’s authors argue that numerous factors — including the pandemic — are forcing organizations to recognize they can “no longer afford to stick with a single, static business model and expect to live very long.” Replete with case studies to bring each of the six business shifts into focus, van der Pijl and his co-authors engage readers in the services shift, the digital shift, the platform shift, the exponential shift, the circular shift and the stakeholder shift.

“Most public companies cater to their shareholders to the exclusion of almost any other goals,” the authors argue. “The stakeholder shift is a business model strategy that seeks to ensure that value is created for all stakeholders — customers, employees, partners, society and investors — simultaneously.” Case studies of Unilever, TOMS Shoes and Tony’s Chocolonely point to the success of this shift. “Shifting from prioritizing short-term profits for shareholders to prioritizing long-term value for all stakeholders requires ongoing effort.” The Long-Term Stock Exchange is designed to promote public companies successfully making that shift.

“Business Model Shifts” helps businesses create more lasting value for their customers while responding to the “new normal” post-pandemic. It is the third book from the Business Model Inc team, following “Business Model Generation” and “Design a Better Business.”

Patrick van der Pijl is the CEO of Business Models, Inc., a global business design firm with offices in The Netherlands, Australia, Taiwan and the United States. Justin Lokitz is the Managing Director of BMI’s San Francisco office. Roland Wijnen is Business Designer, and Maarten van Lieshout is a Creative Director at BMI. BMI’s first book, “Business Model Generation,” has sold more than four million copies, been translated into more than three dozen languages and was listed as one of the top 12 business books of all time by USA Today.

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