Bruno Warns Against Implementing New Tax

EDMOND, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, July 22, 2021 / — Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Natalie Bruno reacted to Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum’s plan to implement a Public Safety District in the city by describing the new tax as a potential land mine. Bruno said, “this tax is a permanent new property assessment, not ad valorem, as is clear in Section 7 of SB838. Property exempt from ad valorem, such as schools and colleges, charitable organizations, cemeteries, and churches, will not be exempt from this new tax. Rep. Jim Grego pointed this out during debate in the Legislature, yet the Republican majority approved, and Gov. Stitt signed this new permanent property tax.”

Bruno, a marketing executive from Edmond, was also critical of how Bynum described ad valorem taxes paid to cities as revenue. “On the one hand, Bynum and others who want higher taxes correctly state that the only taxation option for Oklahoma municipalities to fund operations is sales tax, but on the other hand, he refers to funding bond issues through ad valorem as revenue. Those bonds are designated for specific projects, and the ad valorem payments by property owners are not general revenue for Bynum and the Tulsa City Council to manipulate how they see fit,” affirmed Bruno.

Describing the Public Safety District legislation as redundant, flawed, and unnecessary, Bruno said as Governor she would have vetoed it. “As a Libertarian, naturally I oppose new taxes, but even the tax-raisers should have been able to see the problems with this bill. And with municipal tax revenues higher than they’ve ever been, it’s difficult to see how anyone thought this legislation was needed.”

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