Breaking the Loop

“Out of Habit” by Kathleen Dutton

It is okay to break your routines and unlearn some things to discover your truths

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, July 8, 2021 / — In Kathleen Dutton’s debut novel, “Out of Habit,” she gave a splendid fusion of romance and mystery. The novel is anchored by Allison Weston, a gifted teacher discovering life outside the institution that sheltered her for more than a decade. She is well-matched with Ryan, and their romance unfolds at a gradual but believable pace as Allison struggles to decide whether she should pursue a relationship with him. Handsome and sincere, he is drawn to Allison and embarks on a campaign to win her love and trust. Just as she is starting to reconsider her future, she is tormented by reminders of the past. A series of anonymous letters hints at her involvement in a murder, and she begins to have horrifying nightmares. With Ryan’s unyielding support, Allie discovers the courage to face the shattering truth of her past and change the things we do strictly… out of habit.

Kathleen Dutton has enjoyed the craft of writing since childhood as a way to enter a world of unlimited possibilities. She has retired from the professional world as a clinical engineer, training cardiologists in the US to support products that make a difference in cardiac procedures. She enjoys life in Michigan with her husband, and family, especially in northern Michigan where Hemmingway spent time writing his early novels.

The novel is solidly entertaining, with engaging characters and a plot that successfully weaves together a tender love story and an unpredictable mystery. The love story is well-balanced with the mystery, which offers suspense and valuable insight into Allison’s background.

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