Breaking Media Using Intent Data to Inform Content Marketing Programs

Bombora Company Surge® data enhances publisher’s niche expertise and enriches first-party data

Bombora’s data complements our niche expertise and first-party data, enabling us to learn, for example, what other interests our readers have. So we can offer our ad partners well-targeted programs.”

— Breaking Media CEO John Lerner

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2021 / — Brands and agencies using sponsored content to reach lawyers, health care professionals, finance, defense and government decision-makers, and other affluent business communities can do so more effectively, thanks to a unique program Breaking Media and Bombora announced today.

Breaking Media — publisher of Above the Law, Breaking Defense, MedCity News, Dealbreaker, Fashionista and other premium trade publications — is gaining new insights into its readership, including which breaking news and features visitors from various companies are reading, and for how long, through the use of Bombora’s Company Surge® data. Breaking Media can now also show advertisers, after a campaign, how many of the business buyers were actually reached — and how many of them engaged with that advertiser’s content.

“We’re using Bombora’s intent data to develop unique content marketing programs,” said Breaking Media CEO John Lerner. “Bombora’s data complements our niche expertise and first-party data, enabling us to learn, for example, what other interests our readers have. So we can offer our advertising partners programs that we know will reach their target audiences. On higher-end campaigns, we’ll be able to confirm, afterward, that we’ve done so.”

B2B purchase intent data has emerged as a critical tool to increase business performance. Bombora’s Company Surge® Analytics helps marketing and sales leaders use intent data to learn which businesses are researching the products or services that they and their competitors sell.

“John Lerner and his team at Breaking Media are leading the way,” said Bombora CEO Erik Matlick. “Using intent data to better understand audience interest and to better serve both those readers as well as advertisers, brings greater relevance and business results.”

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Bombora is the leading provider of Intent data solutions for B2B marketers. Bombora’s data aligns marketing and sales teams, enabling them to base their actions on the knowledge of what companies are in market for which products. The source of this data is the first co-operative of premium B2B media companies. Members contribute content consumption and behavioral data about their audiences. In turn, they can better understand their audiences, serve advertisers and monetize their inventory. Learn more about Bombora at

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