Shoes made from sustainable 100% recyclable form of PVC

Shoes made from 100% recyclable form of PVC

Despite several months without traditional trade shows, Brazilian Footwear has managed to maintain its sales and exports to the U.S. market.

NOVO HAMBURGO, RS, BRAZIL, May 26, 2021 / — As retail stores and offices open again, and in-person tradeshows slowly begin, there are many success stories of the past year on how companies pivoted to maintain their business.

Brazilian Footwear has had great success by its participation on JOOR passport, a virtual platform that connects over 12,500 brands with 300,000 retailers across 144 countries. The platform puts the entire buying process online to make wholesale smoother and smarter for both brands and retailers. It uniquely unlocks data between transacting parties, creating a single collaborative ecosystem so partners can easily access the vital metrics that drive their business in real-time.

When the show initially started on Feb 11, 14 Brazilian Footwear brands were part of the showcase: Schutz, Petite Jolie, Pegada, Piccadilly, Byara, Paula Torres, Ammabile, Smidt Shoes, Cecconello, Vizzano, Anatomic shoes, Sarah Chofakian and Luiza Barcelos. In the course of the project, other brands decided to join the system as well, confirming how important it is to be online, digitalize and simplify the way of doing business through platforms like JOOR.

The JOOR Platform provides a wealth of useful data for the participating brands. Brands are able to communicate to a variety of decision-makers at companies at one time. Since they were unable to do in-person tradeshows, this insight is a game-changer for marketing and sales teams. The access to the data ensures brands that they have all the right information for following up. While JOOR has been operational for several months, brands are continuing to have success with it. They see the greater potential of being a part of it and transforming the way they do business in this new digital age. Many brands realize if they do not have some sort of online presence/sales, they will not be able to compete now or in the future.

The participation of big brands such as Schutz or the comfort shoe brand Pegada on powered by JOOR proves that digital platforms have been essential to maintaining their business and amplifying their network and businesses – even while being restricted from physical contacts. Alex Fernando Klein Engelmann, International Business Manager of the brand Pegada points out that the platform has already generated several new customers and potential prospects: “In total, 2,500 pairs were commercialized via the platform with buyers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Italy and Spain. We expect to double this number by the end of the show, in July.“

For Paula Torres, their participation in JOOR and other digital B2B platforms have been crucial for expanding their network in the US, Middle East, Asia and Europe. “Paula Torres is relatively young in international exports. We started our international expansion two years ago.” Alessandra Marques, the company’s international representative explains. “Thanks to digital shows such as JOOR we have been able to generate business across several markets, despite lockdowns and travel restrictions that have lasted for months now. For me, our key success factor has been proactive engagement with potential business partners on the platforms. I usually spend 2 hours per day updating contacts and making new ones. Both Brazilian Footwear and the JOOR teams have been a huge help with several Marketing initiatives and project management.”

Other brands that have just recently joined the JOOR platform and will soon present their Spring Summer 22 collections include:

MELISSA: Made in Brazil, Melissa shoes are a world leader in the design of a unique, patented plastic material called MELFLEX™, a form of PVC that provides improved elasticity, impermeability and resistance. It is hypoallergenic, odorless and 100% recyclable. Melissa plastic shoes are environmentally friendly as they can be easily disassembled and recycled.

DEMOCRATA: Menswear brand that represents the experiences of both a young man and an adult over his lifetime. Democrata embodies the essence of these values in synergy with modern-day lifestyle. Experiences and innovations in the utmost style and comfort. Democrata’s collection consists of 60 different product lines rated in 5 concepts/lifestyles: Denim, Garage, Metropolitan, Smart Comfort and Urban.

CARRANO: Founded in 1992 and present in over 90 countries, Carrano has been following up on all the trends and evolutions in the world for women’s footwear. The global reach they have achieved in the last few decades is a great motivation, encourages them to rise to a daily challenge: creating premium fashion and women’s shoes. Marked by their unique design, comfort and high quality, Carrano keeps with today’s women every step of the way. Their passion consists of developing shows that convey a sense of sophistication and versatility, in addition to reflecting all major fashion trends worldwide. Drawing inspiration from the world of art and architecture, with a touch of contemporary culture, they create over 1,000 new models every year, which are divided into various collections.

There have also been additional benefits to the JOOR Platform and other digital platforms in 2020 and 2021. Where a physical conference might last 1-2 days, these platforms last for several months. They offer more opportunities to have access to the brands presentations and videos and thereby giving the brands a longer time to develop new contacts and gain more qualified leads. As a result, the ROI on the MICAM Americas Show was over 7.000%, considering business during the event and expectations for the next 6 months.
“The Brazilian Footwear brands have become more and more popular in the U.S.,” says Abicalçados‘s Trade Promotion analyst, Ruisa Scheffel. “Also with consumers looking for more sustainable options, Brazilian brands offer a variety of shoes with alternative materials such as pineapple skin, Amazonian rubber or MELFLEX™, as used in Melissa’s shoes.”

While there has been a great success with the JOOR Platform, Brazilian brands are pursuing a hybrid approach going forward.

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