Biozek Medical Goes Green with Its Newest Manufacturing Facility

Biozek Medical delivers on its commitment to green initiatives and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 5, 2021 / — With the completion of its newest manufacturing facility, Biozek Medical delivers on its commitment to green initiatives and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. Biozek Medical’s corporate team had previously developed plans for improving its environmental sustainability by implementing measures aimed at pollution prevention, resource conservation, waste reduction and minimization, elimination of discharge pollutants, and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

In an effort to prevent pollution, Biozek Medical updated and modified a wide range of production processes that will result in a reduction of emissions. The newest facility will feature many conservation techniques for using less water and energy that they had previously implemented at other facilities, such as energy-efficient lighting, resource management software, and more efficient production equipment.

The Biozek Medical manufacturing facility uses eco-friendly packaging, including environmentally friendly inks, has decreased the use of ocean bound plastics through responsible packaging practices, and is working toward “zero waste to landfill” through multiple waste minimization methods and the reuse of many production materials. Potential waste products produced during production include liquids, gases, and solids. Biozek Medical has implemented strategies to reduce the amount of waste products produced by eliminating what they can, reusing what they can, and recycling what they must dispose of. Waste minimization strategies implemented to date include, but are not limited to, recycling clean air, natural gas, and water, utilizing water reuse systems, recovering production solvents for reuse, and purchasing recycled materials where possible. Waste reduction includes reducing the amount of work involved in cleaning production equipment by utilizing automated scrubbers, steam cleaners, and sonic cleaners, that washes and rinses in place, thereby eliminating the need to handle the difficult to clean equipment.

Biozek Medical continues to build on its progress in improving environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes, recognizing that the importance of taking decisive action in the fight against climate change continues to be one of the most important issues facing corporations and communities today.

About Biozek Medical
Biozek Medical is a Netherlands-based biotechnology company known for providing a diverse range of innovative diagnostic solutions and services to customers worldwide. Biozek specializes in the research and development of in vitro diagnostic products such as point of care test kits, as well as medical diagnostic and immunodiagnostic tools. By combining cutting edge electronic tools and the latest Biozek rapid tests, it continues to provide innovative solutions for the medical community.

Throughout the medical industry Biozek is recognized as a solution provider company. It delivers cost effective and highly accurate testing products to its clients by working with top-tier suppliers of medical equipment. The increased specialization by hospitals and medical facilities, along with the decentralization of hospitals, has allowed Biozek to capitalize on the use of and increased interest in point of care test kits. One of Biozek Medical’s goals is to produce low-cost, easy-to-use products to help improve the life expectancy and healthcare access for people within developing countries.

Wanting to help medical communities deal more effectively with the current pandemic, Biozek has created a variety of rapid tests, including two types of COVID-19 Antigen rapid tests, one using a nasal swab and the other using a non-invasive oral fluid method. It also created the COVID-19 Antibody rapid test utilizing serum or plasma samples. The Biozek rapid tests are known for being easy to use and providing fast and highly accurate results. Biozek is tapping into new techno-commercial areas within the point of care testing market by creating integrated technological platforms and business processes. During its years of operation, Biozek has evolved into a global leader of rapid test production and in vitro diagnostic products. Its signature COVID-19 rapid tests, as well as its tests for a wide range of diseases such as dengue or syphilis are considered world class.

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