Biomimetic Cosmetics, the new brand that is integrated to the Marketplace and logistics platform 4QUÍ.com

Biomimetic Cosmetics, the new brand that is integrated to the Distribution platform 4QUÍ.com

Biomimetic Cosmetics, HYDRATING TREATMENT

The Valencian company will expand its sales internationally

Companies use our services as their first step thanks to the low investment that 4quí offers to make it possible, it’s even less expensive than what a single seller would cost them and without risks.”

— Juan José Barrejón

VALENCIA, SPAIN, March 15, 2021 / — Biomimetic Cosmetics, is the new brand that joins the versatile 4quí.com platform in which, they will not only have a national brand presence, but will also have the export and logistics services of 4quí.com, with what they expect, to project their product internationally and establish themselves in new markets.

Entrusting the entire international fulfillment process is a sign of the trust that Biomimetic Cosmetics has placed in 4quí.com. The best reward is, without a doubt, that the entire accompaniment process from the sale of the product, to the end customer, is carried out efficiently, in all the word extension, and even more when it comes to crossing borders.

The Valencian company Biomimetic Cosmetics is a pioneer in dermo-cosmetic research and innovation and specializes in offering treatments for more complicated skin problems such as dehydration, where the products they have developed work specifically from the deepest layers of the skin.

“Biomimetic has the brand profile that we like to distribute, passionate about innovators and with great growth possibilities” commented Juan José Barrejón, CEO of 4quí. , referring to what they aspire to attract as a distribution company.

Biomimetic Cosmetics is currently in expansion process and, at the same time, with the introduction of new advanced treatments they have launched their alliance with 4quí.com, who will be responsible for the entire process of bringing the company’s products directly to the hands of its buyers.

4quí.com has developed plans and management ways so that, starting with the Marketplace, up to the process of exporting, distributing and disseminating goods, which in each customer it result in an increase in product sales and the internationalization of their brands, because 4quí.com, also has a 360 promotion model where marketing strategies, social media, generation of impact content and more than 900 brand ambassadors are incorporated to promote the products that are distributed on the 4quí.com

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