BIM Integrated As-Built Modeling Minimizing Errors in Construction: Tejjy Inc. BIM Consultants

BIM As-Built Modeling for Construction

BIM As-Built Modeling for Construction

As-Built Drawings Facilitating Building Space Requirement

As-Built Drawings Facilitating Building Space Requirement

Visualize Hidden Structure with As-Built BIM Modeling

Visualize Hidden Structure with As-Built BIM Modeling

Field Verification through Laser Scanning

Field Verification through Laser Scanning

Construction Verification through Mark-Up Drawings

Construction Verification through Mark-Up Drawings

BIM & As-Built Model help to get all information during the construction phase, eliminating inaccuracies in the construction documentation process.

We don’t regard a model to be an as-built model until it’s not verified. Hence, we upgrade it from LOD 400 to LOD 500, as per the requirement of the construction site.”

— Sukh Singh

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA , USA, September 3, 2021 / — Integrating as-built and BIM techniques, AEC industries have reduced 6% errors in construction activities, compared to the outdated pen-and-paper design and drafting solution. As-Built modeling and documentation enable easy capture of changes during the project, minimizing rework, leading to accurate and flawless construction documentation.

Tejjy Inc BIM Consultants in USA have implemented BIM As-Built solutions in their construction projects and have successfully eliminated rework and delay in their project delivery. The collaborated technique of the BIM & As-Built Model has helped the BIM company to get all information during the construction phase, thus eliminating flaws and inaccuracies in the construction documentation.

Currently, the BIM Modeling company is providing as-built modeling services to construction professionals in Washington DC, Virginia, Baltimore, Florida, New York and various other areas in the USA. Having relevant experience in the field of BIM modeling services, proficient engineers of the company use laser scanning and red line markup drawings in their construction work process. The BIM consultants seemed confident about the technique, after having accomplished as-built models and as-built drawings for various residential, industrial and commercial projects.

Sukh Singh, the Vice President of Tejjy Inc. stated – “Our as-built services are a great support to any renovation project. We provide well documented and centralized information for all projects with Building Information Modeling technology. Using as-built drawing services, AEC clients could move around the 3d environment and understand their building space requirements. We also embed manufacturer related information in the 3d elements.”

Benefits of As-Built Modeling Services:

• Allow project stakeholders to streamline communication in various phases of the construction projects
• Reduce the extra cost of rework, as the changes made by the contractors are easily incorporated in BIM to produce As-Built models
• Enable surveyors & project managers to undertake real-time decision making
• Assist construction clients to get a virtual tour of the building with BIM as-built drawings
• Enhance productivity & sustainability of the building within a given time frame

A Senior As-Built Modeler of the company remarked – “Through as-built BIM modeling services, we visualize ceilings, walls and other elements going beneath. All hidden elements are revealed, including pipelines, cable trays, ducts, etc. facilitating accurate building operations and maintenance.”

Project Stakeholders Driving Maximum Advantages from As-Built Drawings:

• Building Contractors:
 Visualize actions in diverse phases through BIM-based as-built drawings.
 Identify and resolve concerns before occurrence during the construction phase.
• Project Owners:
 Enable owners to install and record items.
 Resolve issues and make design revisions to the building.
• Property Buyers:
 Facilitate buyers during the purchase and sale of assets.
 Explore the base for future renovation and development.

A BIM Consultant explained – ” Usually, a model is not feasible for operations and maintenance, till it is converted into an as-built model. Our as-built model encompasses various requirements about building components, which can be later enhanced to 6D BIM. We don’t regard a model to be an as-built model until it’s not verified. Hence, we upgrade it from LOD 400 to LOD 500, ensuring that the things match as per the actual requirements of the construction site.”

The procedure followed by BIM Engineers for As-Built Modeling:

1) Field Verification Using Laser Scanning Technology:

• BIM engineers of the company use laser scanning technology for converting as-built models of an existing structure or building under construction.
• In this technique, the actual site conditions are efficiently monitored and matched in compliance with the building requirements through Leica scanners.
• In the case of an existing structure, the BIM engineers execute the laser scanning process, converting point clouds into an as-built information-rich model through BIM technology.
• However, for an ongoing project, regular laser scanning is carried out at different stages, ensuring that the model is amended with on-site progress in a stage-wise manner.
• This facilitates recording of MEP components and hidden areas after construction and executes the relevant changes to the site.

2) Field Verification Through Mark-Up Drawings:

• BIM Managers also verify fields through mark-up drawings or an existing building plan for as-built modeling of a structure.
• In the case of an existing building, an as-built drawing set helps to convert the existing data into an information-rich 3D model.
• The speedy & efficient 3D modeling technique aids in converting an existing building with a 2D plan into an information-rich as-built model with relevant information.
• Further, for an ongoing construction project, redline markup drawings are produced according to the recorded dimensions and the model gets updated accordingly.

Do you want as-built surveys in Washington D.C.? Schedule an appointment with Tejjy Inc. BIM laser scanning company in USA to know the right as-built drawings cost for your construction project. Tejjy Inc. also uses LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) – a remote sensing methodology to examine the surface of the Earth and accomplish complex construction.

Get in touch with the Tejjy Inc. BIM consultants at 202-465-4830 or to create as-built drawings for your building projects.

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