Bill Smith Prepares For Launch Of New Consulting Firm Double Iron Consulting

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, USA, September 27, 2021 / — Bill Smith has always valued family-owned businesses. Family business played a big role in his upbringing because his grandfather bought out a coffee company and rebranded it as Royal Cup Coffee and Tea, which grew from a local business into a national one. Bill spent many summers growing up learning about business while working for Royal Cup.

One thing Bill has always been focused on is what makes a family-owned business successful. Before he stepped into the role of president and CEO of Royal Cup, he gained experience as a frontline worker. This gave him true insight into how the business operated.

The experience of working at Royal Cup was only half of the process of becoming successful at running a business. Bill also made sure to take every opportunity to further his education. In 1991 he earned his bachelor of arts at Davidson College, and later, in 2000, he earned his MBA from Emory University Goizueta Business School.

While he was president of his family-operated business, Bill Smith had taken the company to a new level. He truly understands what it takes to help a family-owned business rise to the next level. That is why Bill believes the next chapter in his journey should involve helping other small businesses learn what it takes to get ahead.

Bill is currently launching his new company Double Iron Consulting. This service will be focused on taking a company’s skills to the next level. One of the best decisions a struggling business can make is to get an outside opinion on their operations. To take things to the next level, companies can benefit from hiring an outside professional to give them perspective.

When Bill is consulting a new client, he always focuses on building trust with the client. He wants to provide them with the most valuable insight for their business and he takes the initiative to truly understand what they need to get to the next step.

Double Iron Consulting is getting ready to launch, and Bill Smith has several services prepared that can help take companies all over the country to the next level. Bill will look at his clients’ current business plans and daily operations and see what can be improved. He aims to focus on several factors, including:

-Succession planning to manage how each generation can take on leadership roles in the family business

-Leadership development to provide structure and direction needed to achieve leadership goals

-Change management for insight on how to become a better leader.

-Strategic growth to help companies plan out a set of clear goals to reach their next benchmark

-Customer experience to help companies understand what it takes to provide a positive experience for the customer every time

-The internal alignment will help companies find ways to expand their ideas while staying true to family business values

Bill Smith believes in family-owned businesses and is looking forward to helping these companies see more success in their future.

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