Beans Route transforms the fleet inspection process by its launch of digital Pre/Post-Trip Inspections

Beans Route provides a customizable inspection form.

Beans Route eliminates the need for paper inspection forms and provides real-time alerts for reported vehicle faults and defects.

Beans Route’s purpose-built Pre-Post Trip feature allows us to stay compliant with DOT & FMCSA regulations.”

— Donovan, a FedEx Ground contractor in Utah

PALO ALTO, CA, USA, September 22, 2021 / — Beans Route recently released an Inspections feature that allows drivers to complete pre- and post-trip inspections directly within the Beans Route app. The new feature creates a digital record of inspections that can be accessed at any time in one central location.

AOs and BCs can enable pre- and post-inspections on their Beans Route dashboard and customize the form that drivers must fill out before and/or after their route. Drivers can include images and notes within the Beans Route app to provide further clarity for recorded vehicle faults and defects.

“Beans Route’s purpose-built Pre-Post Trip feature allows us to stay compliant with DOT & FMCSA regulations,” said Donovan, a FedEx Ground contractor in Utah. “We save a lot of time and effort while automating the process of collecting this data. Actionable information flows seamlessly from our drivers to our mechanics with 100% management visibility. After evaluating different options, we couldn’t be happier with Beans!”

The shift from paper forms to a digital checklist simplifies the inspection process and alerts AOs and BCs of reported issues. Real-time updates allow AOs and BCs to take prompt action to solve fleet issues straight from their phone or computer.

The Beans Route Inspection feature makes it easy to search, export, and track vehicle maintenance and compliance history for audits or personal review. The ease of access to digital records will save AOs and BCs time and keep their fleets running smoothly year round.

About Beans Route
Beans Route is a monthly subscription software that doesn’t require any other hardware or data purchase. No more worrying about charges, cables, devices or employee reimbursement. Unlike other routing programs, Beans Route is the only application that directs drivers through the last 500ft of a delivery. On apartment-heavy routes, this precise data saves drivers over 20% on delivery time. In addition, Beans Route’s core functionalities like timecards, VEDR integration, safety training, scheduling and 1 Device bring tremendous savings and efficiencies to FXG operations.

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