Base Miami, Mana Tech and ASELA Team Up to Support Latin American Companies Expanding to the US

Base Miami and Mana Tech are launching the“Market Entry Bootcamp,” a program designed to help 12 Latin American companies expand successfully to the US.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 / — Base Miami and Mana Tech are teaming up for the first time to launch the“Market Entry Bootcamp,” a new program designed to help 12 Latin American companies expand successfully to the US.

“We have been working with Latin American companies for over 20 years now, and we know how to accelerate their learning curves for successful US market entry. The rise of the Miami Tech movement and increasing migrations to the city are creating a momentum that is ideal for Latin American companies to move here. This is what prompted us to launch this Market Entry Bootcamp in partnership with Mana Tech and ASELA USA,” says Charly Esnal, Co-Founder at Base Miami.

The month-long Market Entry Bootcamp, beginning July 9, will provide the 12 chosen companies the essentials needed before expanding to the US, as well as some powerful insights from people that have “been there and done that.” The Bootcamp features group sessions of three hours each and one-on-one coaching with Market Entry Experts. Companies can expect to receive coaching on how the Miami business ecosystem works, how to validate their offer in a “lean” way, and common mistakes to avoid when entering the US market.

The program will have the participation of prominent thought leaders and industry experts, including:

Camilo Padron, President, ASELA
Melissa Medina, CEO, eMerge Americas
Albert Maloof Berdellans III, VP Marketing & Communications, Mana Common
Diana Londoño, VP International Economic Development, Miami-Dade Beacon Council
Germán Pugliese, Co-Founder & CMO, Technisys
Manny Crespo, Partner, Greenspoon Marder LLP
Alfredo de la Hoz, Partner, AAA+ Wealth Management

In order to generate awareness about the inaugural Bootcamp and the value of the right support for companies entering the US market, Base Miami and Mana Tech are hosting two free webinars: “7 Deadly Sins of US Market Entry” on June 4 at 9 A.M. EST; and “How to Get Market Fit” on June 18 at 9 A.M. EST. The first webinar will be in Spanish, the second webinar and the Bootcamp sessions will be held in English.

Applications for the Market Entry Bootcamp must be submitted byJune 25. Base Miami and Mana Tech will then review all submissions and select the 12 companies that will participate in the program. For more information on how to enroll in the Market Entry Bootcamp, please visit

The Bootcamp is possible thanks to the support of Sponsors and Partners including the Miami-Dade Beacon Council, Greenspoon Marder LLP, Helm Bank USA, AAA+ Wealth Management, eMerge Americas and Hueya Consulting.

About Base Miami: Base Miami helps bridge the gap between Latin America’s most innovative companies and the growing business community of Miami. Founded by Latin Founders with experience scaling their companies in the US Market, Base Miami has helped 100+ Companies enter the US Market spending less time and money by leveraging their know-how and strong Mentor network.

About Mana Tech: Mana Tech is the technology-focused arm of Mana Common, a platform for urban revitalization and community building operated by the visionary entrepreneur, Moishe Mana. Mana Tech is Mana Common’s initiative to cultivate a thriving and innovative tech community. Miami is uniquely positioned to become the next great Tech Hub, with a culture of innovation and a fertile environment for growth. Already, many companies have left historic cities like San Francisco and New York and relocated to the Miami area. Mana Tech’s mission is to provide the physical and social infrastructure for a world-class tech community to thrive in the heart of Miami. Mana Tech will leverage a critical mass of real estate and combine it with a unique understanding of the elements required to cultivate a startup community, providing a distinct value proposition for Miami’s tech ecosystem.

About Asela USA: ASELA USA is the chapter representing ASELA Latam, an association that has close to 200,000 Member Companies. ASELA USA has its headquarters in Miami, FL. An international entrepreneurs non-profit association dedicated to supporting its members to be a part of the Americas ecosystem of collaboration amid local government, banking, legal, capital, talent, education and accelerator partnerships that will facilitate business opportunities between Latin American borders and the United States.

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