Barbara Rasor of Intuitive Coaching to be Featured on Close Up Radio

AIKEN, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2021 / — Nobody is broken so nobody needs to be fixed. Each of us can uncover a better version of self that will change our life.

Barbara Rasor is an intuitive and coach, specializing in emotional patterns that keep one stuck.

“Intuitive Coaching is about graining insights and tools to help you achieve your goals,” says Barbara. “The answers are readily available within you. I teach you how to find those answers.”

With over 25 years of professionally intuiting, Barbara possesses both the experience and the tools to help her clients achieve their goals.

“The process of Intuition always amazes me,” says Barbara. “I’m always astonished by the answers I receive and elated how accurate they are each and every time.”

Throughout her childhood, Barbara was criticized for being sensitive. The most troublesome part was not understanding what was happening and why she was always so emotional. When she understood that her sensitivity was really intuition, she realized being sensitive doesn’t have to be a curse. It is a wonderful and exciting gift that lives in each of us.

“Now I understand I was acting out the unprocessed emotions of others,” says Barbara. “I stopped “feeling for others” and started understanding what others were experiencing and not processing. My journey gave me understanding and tools that I now share with others.”

Through a nonjudgmental view of what information, the body holds, such as perceptions, patterns and truths, Barbara helps her clients uncover both their positive attributes as well as releasing the negative patterns that are keeping them stuck. In each session, Barbara’s goal is to identify the root cause and offer tools to help release energy blocks.

“Intuition is knowingness. The mind is quiet,” says Barbara. “Anxiety is indecision and internal conflict: our feelings tell us one thing, but our logic tells us another. The logical mind will lie to you to keep stuck in a familiar pattern. The emotional mind works closer with the physical body and can communicate through diseases. My work is about finding the root to either aspect so as to help my clients release it.”

Close Up Radio will feature Barbara Rasor in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on September 15th at 12pm EDT and with Jim Masters on September 22nd at 12pm EDT

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