Back to School: Students and Parents Address Challenges of ADHD

Students who need help with school can rely on professional productivity consultants to build good study habits and routines.

Productivity consultants can help students with brain-based conditions like ADHD be successful.

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NAPO’s members serve families with ADHD and Brain-Based Conditions

Productivity Consultants Provide Five Time-Tested Tips for Success

NAPO members can help guide students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and equip them with tools to be successful.”

— Jennifer Truesdale

MT. LAUREL, NJ, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2021 / — Transitions, whether to a new grade or school can be a joyful, scary, and often a confusing experience for most kids. But for the 6 million students diagnosed with the brain-based condition of ADHD, such changes are extremely challenging. Parents are turning to a variety of support services including productivity professionals who provide guidance and support for students with brain-based conditions.

Jennifer Truesdale, CPO®, President of STR8N UP and Board Member of NAPO (National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals) works with such families noting, “We see many students who struggle with staying on task and finishing projects; we can help guide students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and equip them with tools to be successful.”

She offers some invaluable tips for parents and their students, as they re-enter the classroom:

Reducing Back to School Stresses:
If it Ain’t Broke…– Review previous school years and reflect on what successful habits/routines worked well for the student and continue those same routines. If he/she will be developing all new routines, start with breaking down their particular needs into categories such as; what will the new schedule require, building new routines as needed, and planning it out on a daily/weekly calendar.
Stick to the Schedule – Pre-determine the student’s weekly schedule requirements so you can plan for blocks of time for work/study and time for fun/relaxation. And note that it’s critical to allow for breaks for brain refocusing.
Adjusting to the New Normal – Start preparing for new routines a few weeks in advance of the student’s new schedule so their body can have time to adjust to what will be the new routines.
Meet the Teachers – Whenever possible, a student should meet with their teachers in advance so the educator can be informed of any challenges the student might face. They might be able to adapt or enhance their teaching methods to address those challenges. This may vary depending on age and level of school.
You are Entering the Study Zone – Prepare a dedicated study zone at home. Make sure to have all the essentials the student might need while ensuring a location where they’ll have minimal distractions.

Note: Students will have varying organizing and productivity needs depending on age and grade level, as well as different levels of understanding their own challenges with ADHD. If they opt for individual help, it would be customized based on the client’s skills, self-knowledge, and learning styles. NAPO’s Find a Pro free directory includes professionals throughout the country who specialize in working with people with a variety of brain-based conditions.

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