Ayden Hector on Educating Young Athletes and At-Risk Teens in Business & Economics

Ayden Hector believes young people like himself, must learn

Ayden Hector believes young people like himself, must learn

Ayden Hector spoke on Educating Young Athletes and At-Risk Teens in Business & Economics

YARROW POINT,, WA, USA, October 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Ayden Hector, business student, and college-level football star has been praised for competing at the highest level while maintaining a full academic schedule. These activities include games, practice sessions, classes, academic projects, and developmental workshops. He began his academic and sporting journey at the college level; as a true freshman, and earned the title of PAC-12 Freshman before the end of the first semester.

Ayden Hector is also the president of the organization known as Birthday Box, or “B.Box,” since 2016. B.Box partners with a local youth shelter to put on birthday celebrations for homeless teens. B.Box raises money and collects thousands of items for homeless teens in the community each year.

This is far from the full extent of the charitable work Ayden Hector performs. More recently, Ayden has spent time with disadvantaged youth, mentoring and tutoring them in math and science. Ayden also takes the opportunity to share the important lessons he has learned about the value of education and the business of college athletics. He hopes that by sharing his experience with these teens, they will have a better chance at securing their own futures.

We asked Ayden Hector what this type of education might look like. Here is some of what he had to say.

Ayden Hector Draws Parallels Between Business and Sport
One of the most important lessons one can learn in competitive contact sports, Ayden Hector explains, might be referred to as the lesson of pain and striving. In sports, we experience pain in the form of the discomfort associated with training, common aches, and injury. The lesson hidden in these kinds of experiences is a deeper understanding of the true meaning of pain.

Ayden Hector went on to explain that when we are small children, we do not understand that a tiny cut or scrape is not life-threatening, not at an emotional level. As we grow older, we sustain injuries, experience pain, and recover. In so doing, we begin to realize at a nervous and emotional level, as well as on an intellectual level, that a pain we once thought might be dangerous is not dangerous at all. Ayden Hector says, “I believe we become less responsive to pain that is superficial, that can be recovered from- that it is a refinement of the brain and our wisdom. It makes us less fearful and more able to grow in strength and skill.”

“The same applies to business ventures,” Ayden Hector says. “We can create a business, fail and persist, and try again. The failure is a growth opportunity as long as we do not perceive it as a permanent defeat. Only those who continue to strive will ever learn this lesson. Unlike in sports injury where healing is natural, in business, it’s about persistence.”

Ayden Hector believes young people like himself, must learn, “If they accept failure as defeat, then it is defeat. We have to learn to push through it. They’ve got to learn to push through it. That’s what I hope to teach them.”

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