AxiosNYC Launch BoltLeaf, a Sustainable, Reusable Notepad

BROOKLYN, NY, USA, October 20, 2021 / — The BoltLeaf is ‘the last notepad you will ever need’. The AxiosNYC team is proud to announce the launch of the first BoltLeaf notepad on Kickstarter, a reusable, refillable notepad that can capture all of your best ideas 24/7, with no need to power up a laptop or turn on a phone. Designed by the award-winning design, innovation, and fabrication studio, AxiosNYC is hoping that the BoltLeaf paves the way for a sustainable and considered future for paper.

The BoltLeaf is a sustainable solution to the problem of note-taking, enabling anyone who prefers to work with paper to avoid regularly wasting materials by throwing out empty pads. Built with high-quality materials including stainless steel and a foam pad to maximise comfort and protection, the BoltLeaf offers a superior writing experience while protecting every surface you work on and minimising harm to the planet.

BoltLeaf notepads have just launched on Kickstarter in a range of styles and sizes, from the Shop/Home model, perfect for writing out shopping lists and chores, to the BoltLeaf Architect, which is big and tough enough to accommodate even the most complex sketches and designs. The BoltLeaf is for writers, scribblers, sketchers, and artists who value sustainability and design.

“We realised how much money we were spending on notepads, as well as how much of the material ended up being wasted every time we threw a finished pad away”, a company spokesperson from AxiosNYC said.

“The BoltLeaf was created to solve both of these problems in a single move: buy one BoltLeaf, and you’ve got a high-quality notepad that looks stylish and doesn’t harm the planet, and you can replace the notepaper inside it daily, weekly, monthly – whatever you need. Our key focus when designing the BoltLeaf was on sustainability at every point; every BoltLeaf is created with sustainable materials that can be recycled if you ever choose to get rid of your BoltLeaf – which we hope you don’t!”

Designed with style and comfort in mind, the first generation of BoltLeaf notepads are available in a range of colours including guava, mint, wave, glacier, and storm. The BoltLeaf has already launched on Kickstarter, and interested buyers can show their support by donating to the BoltLeaf project or grab themselves a BoltLeaf by investing $60 or more into the project. Currently, the first shipment of BoltLeaf notepads is expected to be delivered in February 2022.

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