Award-Winning Radiation Oncologist Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett to be Featured on Close Up Radio

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 3, 2021 / — If you could somehow extract and blend the genetic traits of a topnotch physician and a minister, the result would be Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett. She is a Radiation Oncologist who has received numerous accolades for her work with Cancer patients that included appearances in Top Doctor, NBC and Who’s Who. She also studied in meritorious facilities such as New York’s Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Her honors are significant, but perhaps equally remarkable are her passion, concern, and whole-person approach to treatment. It is something the doctor likes to call The Ministry of Medicine, a style of care that embraces both the soul and body while attempting to heal and comfort patients.

Dr. EB, as Edwards-Bennett is affectionately known, is on an ordained mission to edify, enlighten and inspire people—first and foremost about Cancer, but also about being more complacent with our life situations. She has worked with patients and families across several US States as well as in her native Jamaica and continues to practice and lecture in many national/international locations. Dr. EB reaches an even broader audience through the Internet, where she discusses The Big C Re-Attitudes (thinking about Cancer differently than one tends to), and in podcasts under the acronym REVOXYLIFE (Revelations from the Oxymorons of Life.) As she prepares for her return appearance on Close Up Radio, the doctor is also putting the finishing touches to a book that will enable her to impact even more lives and broaden more minds.

Path to Soul Immunity, Soul Currency for Life and The Big C with Dr. EB is a book that expounds the Big C Re-attitudes philosophy and examines its components in depth—to not just treat the body, but address the hearts, minds and souls of patients. This all-encompassing approach to Cancer is about offering hope, encouraging a new and more positive attitude, and answering people’s unanswered questions. It also centers on treating the untreatable with compassion and grace as well as nurturing one’s soul with prayer if they seek it. This thought -provoking new book is her second published work.

“Any qualified doctor can treat a medical symptom but to treat the whole patient, and empathize with them, you must have walked in their shoes.” Dr. EB has–and first decided to pursue a medical career while escorting her own mother through the auto-immune disease Lupus, which entailed numerous trips to the hospital (and then dealing with death at a tender age.)

In her upcoming show Dr. EB will also share one of the inspiring prose pieces she writes. Here is a taste of her incisive prose: “To touch their sorrow and heal their deep-seated wounds, to renovate their hearts and the injuries to the soul, so that hope lingers near.”

Close Up Radio will feature Doctor Sophia Edwards Bennett in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday, September 7th at 2:00pm EDT

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