Automotive Occupant Sensing System (OSS) and Whiplash Protection System (WPS) Market Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast Till 2022-2031

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Traditional passive safety systems such as airbags and seatbelts minimize the risk of injury in an accident. However, car makers are also focusing on the other passive safety systems like occupant sensing and whiplash protection to prevent whiplash in case of rear-end collisions. The passive systems are engaged when the collision takes place and the features help in absorbing crash forces, restraining occupants from colliding with the vehicle interior and preventing objects inside the vehicle from striking the driver or passengers.

Occupant sensing is a system of sensors that detect who’s sitting in the passenger seat and thereby eliminates the need for an on/off switch for airbags in most cases because it uses sophisticated technology to identify whether an adult or a child is in the seat. Whiplash protection system is a system of protection against automotive whiplash injuries. In the whiplash protection system equipped seat, the entire backrest is designed to help protect the front occupant’s neck in a case of a rear impact.

The major factors driving the demand of automotive occupant sensing system and whiplash protection system are stringent safety norms, increased safety awareness, technological advancement, affordability as well as institutions such as the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) awarding safety ratings to cars based on safety performance. In the coming years, the increasing demand for premium in the European and Asia Pacific regions, mainly China, India and Japan, is expected to drive the market.

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