Author Stuns Readers with a Fascinating Tale about Vampires

“Legacy of the Elder” by Fiera

You thought you knew everything there is to know about vampires—but wait until you read Fiera’s story

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, July 1, 2021 / — Author Fiera’s debut novel is a sweeping story of the most intriguing, adored, yet feared creatures humankind has ever known—vampires. Fiera’s story, “Legacy of the Elder,” is a gripping one, leaving readers wanting more.

Although under the category of fiction, the novel narrates the author’s true-to-life induction into vampire hood, making it informative with a hint of tragedy, adventure, and fantasy.

“Fiera’s life had never been easy. Some days, just staying alive could be tough. So, when vampires rescue her from prison, things should have started looking up. However, the Supreme Commander of the International Federation of Vampires has made it clear that she is not welcome in his underground world. That does not mean she can leave,” says Fiera, who shares the same name with the book’s protagonist.

After being introduced to vampires from different walks of life, Fiera learns that there are two kinds: legals and rogues. For centuries, rogues have suffered hate, inequality, and prejudice at the hands of legals, and the oppression is brewing a nasty insurrection.

War is imminent, and things would start to take a dark turn as Fiera learns to embrace her predestined fate, and that is to become the legendary Fire Goddess of the Elder’s prophecy. However, how far will she go into accepting her destiny when she discovers that the one who has always loved her will die if she becomes a vampire?

The book has been well-received on Amazon. Arthur Jackson, the author of How to Live the Good Life: A User’s Guide for Modern Human, praises how the novel held his attention from start to finish. He especially likes how the author presented the characters as believable and relatable.

Another customer, Miesha Pace, exclaims that she has read the novel three times but still gets mesmerized every time.

For those interested, you can purchase a copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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