AUMA Ready for the Hydrogen and Carbon Capture Sequestration Markets

We look forward to working with Matt Thiel and the AUMA company to give them an early advantage in these developing significant markets.”

— Tom Gellrich, Founder, H2-CCS Network

PENN VALLEY, PA, US, August 17, 2021 / — Matt Thiel admits in today’s pandemic-impacted economy, when dealing with sometime labor-related problems and with ongoing supply chain issues, successful companies must adjust on the fly.

In fact, for Thiel and his company, AUMA Actuators Inc., coping and thriving is like a coordinated dance routine.

“In the U.S. and Canada (the company’s sales and marketing territory), business right now is strong,” said Thiel, president of AUMA USA, a manufacturer/marketer of electric actuators, based south of Pittsburgh.

The company has been manufacturing valve actuators for 45 years and is a major supplier of electric actuators and manual operators to three primary industries: water/wastewater, power and, most recently, oil and gas.

“We’re owned by (privately-held) Germany-based AUMA (founded in 1964), and we were the first manufacturing subsidiary outside Germany,” Thiel told H2-CCS Network.

The inception of AUMA’s business in the U.S. and Canadian market began by filling the needs of the water/wastewater industry, quickly accompanied by Power industry clients, and most recently rounding out their market positioning within Oil and Gas.

“We grew into the oil and gas industry,” Thiel told H2-CCS Network. “It is the fastest growing portion of our business”.

While its owner is Germany-based, Thiel said the North American operation is pretty much autonomous. Major product design is handled in Germany, but the Pittsburgh-area plant handles sales, marketing, and manufacturing for its customers.

Having conquered the water, power and O&G industries, Thiel said AUMA USA is giving considerable attention to what has captured the imagination and pocketbooks of many in O&G: using hydrogen and carbon sequestration.

“We already provide equipment to a number of plants that utilize hydrogen,” he told H2-CCS Network “And if someone is putting in a hydrogen pipeline, they will need valves accompanied by actuators which we can provide.”

Thiel began investigating the hydrogen and carbon capture sequestration opportunities earlier this year by having conversations with Joe Barone and Tom Gellrich, the founders of H2-CCS Network. Recognizing the opportunities, Thiel wanted to be a first mover in the space and joined the H2-CCS Network, which provides AUMA proprietary information on hydrogen and carbon capture sequestration projects and developments.

“The H2-CCS Network is a comprehensive source information which can be used by our salesforce to get an early jump on developing hydrogen and carbon capture sequestration opportunities,” commented Thiel.

“We look forward to working with Matt Thiel and AUMA company to give them an early advantage in these developing significant markets,” stated Tom Gellrich, Founder, H2-CCS Network. Gellrich further added “Actuators, gearboxes and controls, play an important role in the hundreds of billions in spent on Hydrogen and CCS infrastructure. Leaders like AUMA are getting into the game today.”

AUMA USA has a network of sales and service support throughout North America, with regional offices located in the U.S.’s Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Gulf Coast and West Coast. Representatives and distributors are located throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

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