As Self-Employed Numbers Explode, Renowned Photographer-Turned-Consultant Offers Essential Manual on How to Thrive

Jeffrey Shaw

The Self-Employed Life

Business and Professional Development Strategies that Create Sustainable Success

Being self-employed pushes more buttons and requires more personal growth than we can ever imagine.”

— Jeffrey Shaw

WINTER PARK, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 30, 2021 / — The May jobs report indicated a substantial increase in Americans choosing to be self-employed, according to economist Julia Pollak, and economists anticipate robust growth in self-employment will continue. Small business consultant and podcast host Jeffrey Shaw recently released the definitive guide for all those risk-takers looking to succeed in “The Self-Employed Life.”

Shaw, who spent 35 years as a preeminent photographer, turned his focus to helping others achieve success as self-employed and small business owners. He quickly realized there was too little in terms of support for his clients and the millions of other self-employed professionals. “Being self-employed is a unique experience,” Shaw noted, “underserved by business and self-help books.” He developed the Self-Employed Ecosystem, which he describes as “this trifecta of personal development, business strategies and daily habits.”

“The Self-Employed Life,” released in May by Page Two Books, walks those who are already self-employed and those contemplating the move through each part of the trifecta. Full of personal stories from clients and his own lifetime of self-employment, Shaw provides practical advice about both the challenges and opportunities that await those looking to be their own boss. “When living the self-employed life, we most often look to ourselves for the solutions we need, to find the information that will help us grow and the motivation to keep going,” Shaw said. “The paradox is that in this life of self-employment, it actually takes other people to help us go beyond our current state. We need others to see more in us than we can see in ourselves at this point. We need support and a community of people who understand.” Shaw provides that community not only through his book but through his podcast, training sessions and workshops, blog, and annual summit.

Jeffrey Shaw is the host of “The Self-Employed Life” podcast and the owner of his own consulting firm. He first book “LINGO” helps business owners define and attract their ideal customers. He is a noted TEDTalk speaker who gives numerous keynote addresses each year.

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