Artist Jodie King Set to Launch Premium “Art Biz for Rebels” Online Course to Help Artists Build a Business

The courses will provide specific business strategies artists can use to create
a thriving business with multiple streams of income.

I’ve always believed that my success is inevitable. By the end of the course, you will too. In fact, many of my students make back this investment before they officially wrap up the program.”

— Jodie King

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, September 1, 2021 / — Austin-based artist Jodie King announced today that registration is now open for her premium online course: “Art Biz for Rebels.” The 12-week program features 16 modules Jodie carefully designed to empower artists to launch their businesses, arming them with all the tools they need to navigate a rapidly changing market and digital landscape. She believes in the power of knowledge, and wanted to break down the economic gatekeeping that has long been controlling the most profitable corners of the art world.

“I’ve always believed that my success is inevitable,” said Jodie King. “By the end of the “Art Biz for Rebels” course, you will too. In fact, many of my students make back this investment before they officially wrap up the program.”

The “Art Biz for Rebels” program not only lays the groundwork for artists to stop thinking of themselves as hobbyists and start identifying as professionals, it assists them in developing their own 360- degree marketing plan, making sure they get off the ground before the course is even complete. But the most valuable lesson may be the very thing that’s been following Jodie King her whole life, the mantra that has made her a magnet for thriving businesses for decades: true success comes from the inside out, from the stories that we tell ourselves about what is possible.

Nearly everyone who has been lucky enough to learn from her will attest to this. “I have been trying to launch my journey as an artist for the past 5 years,” one workshop attendee reflects, “I’ve taken classes here and there over the years, which were helpful, but didn’t pull out my passion. I didn’t realize how much I needed someone to create a space for me to be wild and free with my painting.”

Jodie encounters this kind of thing a lot, people who seem to have all the talent, energy, and determination to create great art, but who simply have not been able to level up to the real deal. After she began to see artists taking their work to new heights, she became determined to watch them sell, but she was shocked how many people still found themselves halted by the idea that their art can’t be truly profitable. So, she created the “Art Biz for Rebels” course.

There are limited spaces available so enroll today to secure your place in the Fall Session of “Art Biz for Rebels”. You have until Friday, September 10, to get the discounted price of $2,497. Regular price is $2,997.

About Jodie King:
Jodie King is a teacher, entrepreneur, and professional artist, multi-hyphenate. Though she carries nearly 20 years of artistic experience under her belt, the genesis of her art business was not exactly based on intuition alone. Several years ago, after suddenly arriving at both a professional and personal impasse, Jodie found herself at a crossroads. Ultimately it all came down to a simple decision: to stay in the safety where she’d been for years, or to listen to the still small voice that had long been gently tapping on her chest. Ultimately, Jodie chose to listen inward, whipping out her easel and Novapaints with a vigor unlike ever before. However, when she first began telling people about the prospect of turning her longtime passion for art into a serious business venture, she was met with the same hesitation society has greeted artists with for years. But how will you make money? Never one to spend too much time concerned with the opinions of others, Jodie got to work the way she always has. Now with three high-demand online courses, nearly 30k Instagram followers, a spread in Vogue, and workshops all over the world, she wants to teach others how to do the same.

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