Arizona Activists Launch Campaign on Crowdpac Targeting Senator Kyrsten Sinema with the Threat of a Primary Challenge

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Arizona Activists Launch Campaign on Crowdpac Targeting Senator Kyrsten Sinema

Progressive leaders aim to apply pressure on Senator Sinema to vote to end or reform the filibuster and back the Build Back Better agenda

The voters did their job by getting Senator Sinema elected, now it’s time she does her part. Our message is clear: end or reform the Jim Crow filibuster or become a one term senator.””

— Belén Sisa

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, September 29, 2021 / — Today, two dozen Arizona leaders and activists launched a conditional campaign on Crowdpac targeted at Senator Kyrsten Sinema. The campaign, Either Sinema Votes to End the Filibuster OR We Fund a Primary Challenger, aims to collect 1,000 pledges totaling $100,000 By October 6. As a conditional campaign, these pledges will be collected only if Senator Sinema does not vote before the end of 2021 to support President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and vote to end or reform the filibuster. In its first few hours, the campaign has collected nearly 200 pledges totaling $10,000.

Arizona Democrats have become increasingly disillusioned with Senator Sinema’s obstruction to ending or reforming the filibuster, and her opposition to the commonsense provisions in President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. “Arizonans are disappointed and angry,” said Belén Sisa, a founder of the campaign. “Senator Sinema has proven time and time again with her actions and votes that she is out of touch with the people she’s supposed to represent. It is shameful that she has time to meet with all of these corporate donors, yet she has not held a single town hall or public meeting with constituents since taking her seat. The voters did their job by getting her elected, now it’s time she does her part. Our message is clear: end or reform the Jim Crow filibuster or become a one term senator.”

The campaign is modeled in part on the Crowdpac campaign started by Andy Barkan in 2018 to target Senator Susan Collins after her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. That effort raised $1 million in pledges in its first few weeks, and ultimately reached $4 million. Those funds were used by Sara Gideon, Collins’ 2020 opponent in the 2020 Maine US Senate election.

“Somehow Kyrsten Sinema thinks she can stand alone against President Biden and the entire Democratic Party and block the life-changing reforms that tens of millions of Arizonans and Americans voted for and face no consequences,” said Kai Newkirk, another founder of the campaign. “Our message is clear: listen to your base, join your party, back Biden’s agenda, and help remove the filibuster as an obstacle to the urgent legislation Arizonans need.”

“Campaigns like this are what Crowdpac is all about,” said Crowdpac’s Christopher Tavlarides. “Unlike other political platforms, activists can use our streamlined platform and unique set of features to launch highly effective campaigns in minutes and begin making meaningful change immediately.”

The Sinema fundraiser is backed by a large committee of Arizona leaders from community organizations, the Democratic Party, and elected office, including Belén Sisa, former National Latino Press Secretary for Bernie 2020 and co-founder of USEE ASU*, Karina Ruiz, Executive Director of ADAC*, Brianna Westbrook, former Arizona Democratic Party Vice-Chair, Steven Valencia, leader of Tucson Jobs with Justice*, Dan O’Neal, Arizona Coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America, and Kai Newkirk, founder of For All and a lead organizer of the Arizona Coalition to End the Filibuster*. (*Note: organizations are included for identification only and do not represent these organizations’ opinions or endorsement of the campaign.)

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