Anti-drone Market – Know the Emerging Trends across the Globe

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, US, October 1, 2021 / — The unauthorized aircraft in air spaces cause potential security threats not only for civilians but for defense sectors too. These unauthorized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) along with incidents of security violations with increasing illegal activities and terrorism have driven the growth in the anti-drone market during the past few years. Such threats have added to the expansion of counter-drone measures. The government is also investing in the anti-drone market to boost security. Law enforcement agencies and domestic securities are procuring an anti-drone system.

Anti-drone technology is a radar vigilance system and refers to the system that is used to track, detect, and destroy threatening UAVs. It provides security for equipment and fields of different features, dimensions, and shapes. The anti-drone market is divided into two segments – only detection and detection with countermeasures that are based on the application. Anti-drone systems are majorly used for the security of public buildings, personal homes, prisons, manufacturing installations, business premises, airports, army installations, critical infrastructure, and boundary safety.

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Anti-drone Market: Key Trends

Drones are increasingly used in illicit activities and terrorism worldwide. There is a rise in the incidents of security breaches from unidentified drones. So anti-drone market is providing a solution to curb the unethical use of drones. With an increased demand for the anti-drone system from global armed forces, the military segment is contributing to a major portion of revenues. UAVs are used as undercover agents to spy on military borders and infrastructure. Insurgent groups and adversaries are using these UAVs to attack military bases. For instance, there is a rapid increase in drone attacks on US forces in Iraq over past years. To counter such incidents, manufacturers are integrating drone-recognition techniques in anti-drone structures. The modern framework comprises techniques to identify and detect drones. It includes electro-optical (EO), radio-recurrence detection (RF), infrared radiation (IR), and radar-based identification techniques. To prevent drones movements in unapproved airspace RF jamming is one of the notable techniques. This technique blocks radio connectivity between the drone framework and its administrator. The new product range embellished with modern technology will thrive anti-drone market.

However, the cost of the anti-drone system is hindering its market expansion. Besides this, a few countries such as Iraq, Algeria, and Iran, etc., have banned the application of drones. The public in respective countries has deteriorated the use of anti-drone in personal space. The anti-drone systems come with different challenges in terms of practicality, policy, performance, and legality. The anti-drone jammers result in electromagnetic and radio frequency (RF) interference leading to the poor management of air traffic. Apart from this, there is a threat to border security and the use of the same information by adversaries. But with the enhanced capabilities the anti-drone market can grow tremendously.

Anti-drone Market: Competitive Dynamics and Key Developments

Meteksan Defence has delivered the Retinar FAR-AD Drone Detection Radar in April 2021. It was ordered by Defence Industries from the Turkish Presidency. An anti-drone kit named – CHIMERA, with updated technology, was launched by CERBAIR in February 2021.

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Anti-drone Market: Regional Assessment

SRC Inc., Thales Group, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Raytheon Technologies Corporation, and Leonardo SpA are a few prominent market players in the anti-drone market. Apart from these well-established companies, some new start-ups are entering the anti-drone market. These start-ups are expected to increase competition in the anti-drone market. Manufacturers are also developing anti-drone technologies to meet the requirements of the global armed forces. It will help the contractors to seal long-term contracts leading to the growth in the anti-drone market.

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