Amir Ben-Yohanan Speaks on the Rise of Influencer Marketing

Amir Ben-Yohanan

Influencers are presenting brands to target audiences for powerful social media marketing, says Amir Ben-Yohanan.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2021 / — Companies who want to increase their clout and audience reach know that word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful marketing form available. A similar and close marketing tool is influencer marketing—incentivizing a popular social media icon to promote the brand to its audience. Business owner and real estate developer Amir Ben-Yohanan says that social media influencers are the big thing in marketing right now and believes that is a trend that will stick around for a while.

Amir Ben-Yohanan founded West of Hudson Group, Inc., acting as Chairman, CEO, and CFO for Clubhouse Media Group, Inc. and CEO at West of Hudson Group, Inc. (a subsidiary of Clubhouse Media Group, Inc.). His extensive knowledge in influencer marketing comes from working with influencers interested in using his properties to create socially worthy pictures of a lavish lifestyle.

“Influencers have made huge waves in the marketing industry,” Amir Ben-Yohanan noted in a recent statement on the rise of influencer marketing. “Companies are finding that they can increase their circles and brand awareness when they use people who already connect to their target audiences. This takes the idea of celebrity endorsements and flips it to more of an everyday person. Some influencers are huge, but others are smaller and niche.”

Influencer Marketing Hub reported that the influencer marketing industry would pass $13 billion in 2021. An influencer has more power over specific groups because they target a distinct niche. The influencer actively engages with the audience, and follower count is based on how popular their topic is. Influencers offer a specific draw because of what they know or how they present themselves, he says.

“There is a reason people follow influencers and not companies,” Amir Ben-Yohanan says. “They see what the influencer is doing and want to emulate their lifestyle. They trust the influencer to give them the latest tips and entertain them with presentations. Some influencers are funny, and some are high fashion, some are extremely knowledgeable on a skill—whatever their attraction, influencers play up their brand to continue connecting with that audience.”

He says that influencers are most effective when brands aren’t pushing style guides and brand concepts. “Influencers are most powerful with their audiences when they can remain authentic to their personal brand.” “Brands have to realize the content posted is not going to their channels and shouldn’t have to follow their guidelines. Of course, there are lines they won’t want influencers to cross or talking points they may want them to cover. But, the fewer restrictions, the better the content usually is. The influencer’s audience only cares about what the influencer says—they don’t have any ties to your brand.” Ben-Yohanan explains.

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