Amazon and Facebook Cases vs. FTC – Hope for Small Business Owners

Does the FTC have blood on its hands? Business owners fear for their existence

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES , July 12, 2021 / — The FTC cannot do as they please anymore. After a federal court dismissed the antitrust complaint against Facebook on June 28th, Amazon has filed a motion against the Federal Trade Commission shortly after.

More and more cases show how prejudiced the FTC is. In their public statements and press releases, they already condemn a company before the court makes a decision. A group of small business people has taken on a David vs. Goliath fight. They do not have the monetary means like Amazon or Facebook. However, they are fighting for their and their families’ lives. The affiliates of the company Success By Health have come together from all over the world. They enforce their contractual and constitutional rights, which they see as being infringed. Over 1,000 supporters have renewed a Class Action Complaint. They filed a motion with the Arizona Court.

The FTC has frozen assets of SBH, CEO Jay Noland, and Executives obtained a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against the company. In addition, they appointed a receiver that has decimated the business and paid herself an enormous salary. This action ultimately ruined the businesses of the company’s affiliates. For more than one year, they have not been able to access the goods and services they purchased. The result: thousands of affiliates have lost out on income. Some have not been able to pay their rent or take care of their families. In the middle of the pandemic, they had to find new sources of income.

“There are bad apples in the Multi-Level Marketing industry. However, when you do things the right way, the FTC is coming for you,” says CEO Jay Noland. “SBH delivered tens of thousands of products and always paid its affiliates and helped them become successful. We are not the villain here. But when the FTC has us on their radar. Now our affiliates have to suffer.”

Despite their dispute and testimonials that SBH has harmed no one, their first motion was denied in April. However, after the Supreme Court rejected the FTC’s argument that it is entitled to seek monetary relief under Section 13(b), the business owners decided to proceed with their fight.

In addition to this, they have started the movement “Stop House Bill H.R. 2668“. Why is this important for everyone in the US? Because the FTC has introduced House Bill H.R. 2668 to Congress in its place. If the bill passes, it could have a devastating effect on business owners, influencers, mompreneurs, and employees. Two lawyers from the University of Michigan Law School even stated in a public thesis that the FTC has blood on its hands.

Success By Health’s lawyer has also filed a motion stating that the Supreme Court left no basis for the current case.

About Success By Health:
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About Stop House Bill 2668:
Business owners in the U.S. have come together to fight for their rights as entrepreneurs. Together they want to make others aware of the danger H.R. 2668 brings to small business owners and the freedoms that the Federal Trade Commission can take.

Stop House Bill H.R. 2668
Stop House Bill H.R. 2668
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