Altru Virus Project Summit in DC to Focus on Stronger Schools

WASHINGTON DC, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2021 / — The Invest in Schools  Summit, to be held at the Wharf Intercontinental in Washington, DC, June 29 – 30, 2021, will host thought and industry leaders committed to helping US schools recover from the COVID pandemic. This is the starting point of a journey to make schools resilient and pandemic-proof while rebuilding the K-12 education system for the long haul. The Summit will provide guidance to school districts tasked with sustainably investing an historic $170 billion in federal funding by outputting a series of ecosystem reports to spotlight the key players in both public and private sectors, the most critical challenges and issues of debate, the most innovative approaches and best practices for common challenges.

Our ecosystem research will be centered on three pillars:
Safe Schools – making schools resilient through testing, vaccination, and ventilation,
Healthy Schools – ensuring students’ physical (nutrition, PE) and mental health, and
Accelerated Learning – closing the achievement gap with EdTech and Mentoring programs.

The core objective is to provide a comprehensive survey of existing resources, including expert and organization profiles for key players connected to each challenge. Surveys will be led by subject matter curators who will guide researchers at Yale University in compiling and analyzing data into meta surveys and reports. Preliminary research findings will be presented at the Summit and continually updated in a final report to be presented in October.

The Summit is designed to foster collaborative relationships by allowing for focused, peer-to-peer meetings. Day One of the Summit will provide intensive education on accessing funding and each of the three pillars. Day Two will offer interactive workshops and the opportunity to engage with experts in small-group and one-on-one settings in the afternoon.

The Summit will also demonstrate an innovative mobile COVID PCR rapid testing system, developed by LumiraDX, that could prevent shutdowns due to future pandemics by delivering fast high-volume testing directly to mass gathering locations.

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