Alchemist DeFi is how Crypto Investors are Earning 400% Returns in a Bear Market

Decentralized Finance is truly disrupting then banking and finance sector with some Crypto Investors earning 400% no matter what the market is doing.

ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA, June 21, 2021 / — Alchemist DeFi is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) application that is providing a safe space for crypto investors to park their returns during the current turbulent market.

If you are familiar with the DeFi space you already know that BSC DeFi “farms” have become a dime a dozen, with many DeFi projects launching and not lasting longer than a week. Alchmeist DeFi is different. The Alchemist DeFi team is a public team that are not hiding behind the veil of anonymity, truly changing the standard in the space.

The project has been in existence, under the current leadership team, since the 2nd of April and is poised to grow. The most attractive aspect of this project is the stable native token prices and high yields that can be earned through the platform. Through strong tokenomics the project has been able to maintain a steady price over the last couple of months and deliver on its promise that the project is set to thrive in any crypto winter, that may or may not be coming. Since being under new leadership the native token prices have increased almost 10 fold, peaking just before the Bitcoin crash in May 2021.

The core team is made up of a professional developer, operations manager and chartered accountant, all of whom bring credibility to the project and unlike most projects in the space, the project welcomes newcomers. New investors are able to ask questions directly to the development team, through their telegram group discussion, which is always professional and transparent.

Alchemist DeFi aims to be the most transparent project in the DeFi space which is something that they are becoming known for. Besides the buyback burning mechanism, the team has implemented some unique innovative features on Alchemist’s yield farm to increase value for their investors.

Here are some highlight features that have already been implemented:
Buyback Burning Mechanism
Transfer Tax Burning Mechanism
Automated inflation reduction

The Alchemist project offers security to investors by having had their code passing multiple audits ensuring the removal of any migrator code and by placing the contracts under a timelock at launch. While many newcomers into the space only look for audit results they often miss the importance of the removal of migrator codes and timeslocks, which is vital to understand.

Both native tokens of the project have been successfully listed on reputable platforms such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, with other listing application on the roadmap of the project.

The team has a clear and concise Roadmap of what the future for the project will look like with the generation of NFT’s and true utility on the horizon.

The Alchemist project is, based on communication from the leadership team, about to go through a redesign to help differentiate it from all other DeFi farms, with talks of NFTs being hinted at.

This is a project to keep an eye on after recent trending on the “Hot” page of Cryptomoonshots, one of the most popular subreddits in the cryptocurrency space, as well as and appearing in multiple other relevant subreddits.

The project’s popularity is growing steadily because of the returns that are being offered by the protocol, with currencies such as bitcoin yielding up to 100% yields, offering HODLers a great way to earn money, and a passive income, during a sideways or negatively trending market.

*This article is not to be considered financial advice. Defi and Cryptocurrency projects are highly volatile investments. Always do your own research before making any investment.

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