Alan Bohms’ Upgraded Nature Photography Blog Website a Major Success

A newly updated nature photography blog site by industry veteran Alan Bohms has already achieved more traffic than initially expected since its spring release.

WHITE PINE, TN, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2021 / — A recently upgraded nature photography blog site by industry veteran Alan Bohms has already achieved higher-than-expected online rankings, according to Bohms.

The blog site can be found at The current site, Version 2.0, is an updated version of the original site, Version 1.0, released in February 2021. Bohms said Version 1.0 ended up ranking high for several keywords and attracting a significant amount of traffic. He thus decided to make changes to the site to offer more accessibility and a better user experience. The website upgrade has been a huge success and has already received more than 100% of the expected traffic in its first month, according to Bohms.

Bohms said he believes the site’s success can be attributed in part to the fact that it offers a truly wide variety of wildlife photography pointers and insights. For example, on the site, readers can find practical tips for enhancing their photography skills while also tapping into the unique mental and emotional benefits of nature photography.

One of the major lessons that Bohms teaches visitors to the website is how to utilize sunlight to capture captivating outdoor photos. Readers can also find out how close to stand to their subjects to produce the perfect lighting for snapping praiseworthy pictures. Both the late evening and the morning hours are the best times for taking wildlife photos due to the unique lighting conditions present during these times of the day, according to Bohms.
Bohms additionally walks readers through the art and science of composition on his blog website. This practice involves arranging elements such as color, space, shapes, and lines in a way that best fits the photographer’s vision for a photo. Photographers who master composition, as well as the other tips shared on the website, can expect to more effectively tell stories through their works of art in the months and years ahead, according to Alan Bohms.

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